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Old Memories and Feelings

Updated on June 10, 2014


John always had a major anxiety issue; I'm not going to bore you all with this part of John's story. But basically John was the kid in your school that you would be afraid of bringing a gun and shooting the place up. John never considered that, but he was just a loner and loser.

John was done with being this way and needed a new beginning. He was living in Georgia at the time but went to live with his family in Minnesota and go to high school there. After the school year ended John was still the loser he was in GA at his new school and MN.

John loved the show "House". The main doctor on the show would pop Vicodin like it was candy. So one day John was looking for something in the medicine cabinet and saw a bottle with 10 Vicodin pills left in it. Summer was almost over and John saved them till school. John also had a Ritalin prescription saved too.

John's First Day of School

John woke up on that first day. He was starting his junior year. This year was going to be different though, John was tired of being a loser, he just wanted to have friends and hang out with people.

John had read on the internet that if you snort ritalin it works better. So right before he was going to be driven to school he crushes one up and snorts it. He had a rush of just stimulation and happiness he had never had before when going to school. Once John gets to his first period he takes 4 Vicodin.

He repeats this step for the next two days, but takes 6 Vicodin on the second day along with more Ritalin.

After the two days are over, John has more people he considered friends than he had ever had in his life, John also has a Girlfriend for the first time. This all happened in just 2 Days.

The Comedown; Nothing That Good Can Last Forever

John crashes about the second day, he had never experienced a comedown off a stimulant before and he couldn't piss at all because of the Vicodin.

John has a mental breakdown, flips out at his Aunt and Uncle who he was living with, calls his Mom in Georgia and gets her to buy a plane ticket home.

Now this is where things get interesting.....

To be Continued.


This is by far the most boring part of what is to come, I just had to give some background information so that you all could understand the situation once I go deeper into John's life.

John starts as a loser but soon will be transformed into something no one ever thought he was capable of.

Please subscribe and comment. I will post the next part of the story within a couple days. Once I get that one done I will make a schedule for which days I post the next story. :)

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    • Michelle Dussault profile image

      Michelle Dussault 3 years ago

      Looking forward to more.

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      Josh 3 years ago from USA

      your welcome

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      True Story 3 years ago from North America

      Thank you both. :)

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      Hannah 3 years ago

      good post

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      Josh 3 years ago from USA

      cool blog, I'll be watching for the next article