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Old Spot

Updated on April 11, 2012

About the Author

This is a short remembrance written by my grandfather Michael D. Martin of Eden, NC. These stories pertain mostly to our family and his time serving in the Eden City Police Dept. Michael Martin was born Oct. 6th 1943 and passed away Oct. 1st 2010. They are transcribed as he wrote them to keep his writing style alive in the stories. Some are historical and some are just for the humor. If you find these stories enjoyable and would like to read more there is a link at the bottom to more of his stories.

Old Spot

This is another one of Willie Adkin's tales.Before I write it. I want everyone to know I have dogs, I love dogs, but the story is kinda funny.

Willie said that when he was a young man back during the depression he had a dog named Spot. As Spot aged, they called him Old Spot. Willie said his mother wanted Willie and his brother to remove a stump in the back yard and to dig it up was going to be a real job. Willie's brother came in one day with a quarter stick of dynamite. In those early days before terrorism and criminal activity got so bad, you could buy dynamite at any local hardware store and his brother had traded someone out of a quarter stick.

Now Old Spot had a favorite place to laze under the kitchen, back then kitchens were built kind of apart from the rest of the house so that if you had a fire in the kitchen, the whole house might not be lost. Willie and his brother dug a hole at the base of the stump to plant the dynamite. The stump was also Old Spots favorite place to lift his leg. When the dynamite was planted and a goodly fuse was lit, Willie and his brother retreated to a safe place when Old Spot sauntered out from under the kitchen and inspected the fuse, Willie said they were yelling at Old Spot to get out of there but it definitely won't safe to go back. Old Spot lifted his leg and watered the place, then picked up the dynamite in his mouth and sauntered back to his spot under the kitchen.

About a second and a half later, the dynamite went off. The stump did not move, but the kitchen did....and the last time Willie saw his beloved Old Spot, he was about twenty feet in the air going over Leaksville Junction.


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Laughing with tears in my eyes, poor old fella, he didn't know any better!