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Old Winding Road (A Poem)

Updated on July 11, 2014

Time has passed me by,

This road that seemed so long

At the end is where I now stand

Glancing back on this swerving path

Of self discovery

Once a stranger in a stranger land,

One face among a thousand

The social monster beckoning,

Come, come, and find your place,

On this old winding road

Metamorphic transformation,

Knowledge gained, lessons learned,

Friends acquired, others walking away,

Shoulders to cry on, jokes spanning time,

On this old winding road

Many of my words were not spoken,

But through what I created,

Hands, mind, heart united,

Emotions mirrored in faces and colors,

Pictures speaking a story otherwise left untold,

On this old winding road

Emerging from my shell,

Stepping forward, talents recognized

Finding myself beneath those stage lights,

High on the audience’s applause,

It still echoes in my ears

On this old winding road

Help always lingered smiling,

Soft voices, gentle advice,

Enough gratitude I cannot express

They were there when the seas grew rough,

Drama extinguished, hearts repaired,

On this old winding road

Spreading my wings, am I ready to fly?

Time waits for no souls,

Numbered are the days we remain,

We are all to take off together,

A chapter closed, another to open,

On this old winding road

Gazing over my shoulder,

Where I began is hard to see,

Winding, twisting, turning,

Stay forever I cannot, but memories remain,

Etched forever into my mind,

On this old winding road

Once into a mirror I stared,

A stranger was the girl looking back,

Now she smiles back at me,

Pleased with whom she has become,

On this old winding road

Although these words we don’t like to utter,

The time to say them is looming,

Goodbye, goodbye, but don’t forget,

Please don’t forget me,

Tears fight their way from my eyes

A new beginning awaits,

I look to the horizon; it’s time to fly,

Away from this old winding road

By Ashley Budrick, 2011.


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    • taiwokareem profile image

      Taiwo Kareem 3 years ago from Salford

      nice. keep it up.... more room for improvements