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Old ideas Give Birth to New Ideas.

Updated on December 26, 2013

Thought of a writer’s block halts your ideas-

Overcoming your fears in order to write

The first two stages in writing process

The first stage in the writing process- that is gathering your ideas or drafting your thoughts is actually writing ideas in the writer’s own current thought pattern. The second stage in the writing process, which is editing is actually rearranging the ideas into a readable format or that which conforms to the thought pattern of your target readers.

The tools that we use in expressing these ideas most specifically in this case (article writing) are words. In article writing, we use written words to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the target reader.

Sometimes, you start to have feelings of nervousness when you have to attend to your draft to edit or further develop them for publishing. One of the things that makes going back to work on your own drafts daunting is the fear of a writer’s block. Since you had drafted your written those ideas out of inspiration, you far that without the inspiration, you are likely to encounter a writer’s block.

Why would you even fear a writer’s block when you had previously written so many words? The truth is that you did not even know where those words and ideas came from. Your own draft seems like they were written by someone else .You are not sure how you can. This usually happens to writers’ who always have to wait for inspiration before writing.

Encountering a writer’s block can be disappointing. Facing a writer’s block consistently could make you lose complete interest in writing. You will not be able to enjoy the writing the writing process when you repeatedly encounter a writer’s block.

Advantage of knowing how ideas occur to us is important

When you reach your peak stage of writing or speaking, your feelings and thoughts comes with so much words that you find yourself writing to the point that you cannot even stop. You are mostly left wondering if you can bring back that inspiration again. You are not so sure, where the words came from.

Both Professional writers and non-professional writers need inspiration to write more and to enjoy the writing process

The truth is both professional and non-professional writers need inspiration to write more. The only difference in this aspect is that, whiles non-professional writers have to wait for the inspiration as well as their fluency to peak, professional writers through a skillful step-by-step procedure can manually provoke their thoughts or manually generate ideas to support their assertions.

Knowing how your ideas occur to you naturally in your peak stage of writing as well as how the fear of writing will help you to overcome a writer’s block hence the anxiety or fear of facing a writer’s block that can even make you lose complete interesting in the writing profession.

You will be able to come up with helpful strategies to prime your own conscience or induce the inspiration needed to confidently express your ideas. Knowing how the mind gradually reaches its fluency peak will help you to induce this manually. You can self-motivate or psyche up your mind to churn out ideas without having to wait for inspiration before writing.

Where do our ideas come from?

One may wonder where most of our ideas in writing comes from. Most of the ideas that occur to us when writing comes from within ourselves. They are our thoughts in physical symbols or text. The pattern in which we arrange our ideas is also the pattern of our own thoughts. The ideas are mostly arranged in the sequence of importance or familiarity according to the writer’s own thought pattern.

Most of our ideas that occur to us in writing comes through inspirational thoughts. Mostly it starts with just a word or a sentence to definitions, examples, sentences spoken phrases, and whole ideas and articles. In simple words, ideas are embedded in words, sentences, paragraphs and articles etc. Without the inspiration, to therefore write, the task of writing becomes daunting. You are afraid of encountering a writer’s block.

The fear also comes about because of the great philosophical truth you are able to come up with. Anytime you think of them you feel so small. The ideas seem grand than what you could have possibly written.

How the fear comes about or Why you fear

Waiting for inspiration makes you enjoy the writing process. Sometimes starting another idea becomes a bit difficult and boring for you. You feel that you have to wait for another inspiration before you write.

Often you experience fear of attending to your work because you are not sure of yourself whether you will be able to express yourself well. Without the inspiration, you think you will not be able to come up with more and appropriate vocabularies to express your ideas well.

Reaching your peak stage in fluency (writing and speaking)

At the fluency peak state in writing

Gaining fluency is a natural means that the mind reaches its peak of using the tools available (words) to you to express feelings and thoughts.

When you reach the peak stage of writing, your sort of find yourself in a state of Trans. You are able to come with ideas and expressions that you are not even sure where they are coming from.

Mostly the words of any written idea by a writer are expression of thoughts and ideas that the writer has absorbed from past materials that he or she has read.

Normally when the mind reaches its peak of fluency, you are able to churn out or discover more ideas or philosophical truths. The ideas that evolve from the past materials that you have read helps the writers to enjoy the writing process and inspires the writer to write more. It is a way that most writers’ can also escape the present to connect with their past.

Believe that you can write

Most of the time, the scary aspect I writing is getting more ideas to write about. Before facing a writing situation, most writers are left wondering whether they would get words to express their thoughts on the topic. If you are someone that reads a lot, you do not need to fear. Reading equips you with the necessary tools and vocabularies to write. When you read much, anytime you start writing, at the peak stage of your writing process, you would find yourself rediscovering ideas that you have encountered through reading. You are skillfully able to absorb ideas from past materials that you have read and fuse them into your current project. You would lack words or vocabularies if you do not read much. You must overcome the fear and anxiety of writing by reading a lot. If read more, you can always writer confidently and your confidence will be reflected in your content ideas. The confident tone that your content carries helps your readers to enjoy your content. It helps writer to also sound convincing to his readers. You can also confidently persuade or guide them to your idea.

The fear of a writer’s block can bring about a writer’s block so sometimes you will only need to believe that you can write in order to come up with more ideas.

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