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The Pericardial Collective

Updated on September 16, 2010

a collection of my contemplative prose literature

Secondary Affliction

might you look on for the sunset rubdown
might you disturb the epicenter of sapian ambition
might your sickness suck in it's savior to finally breathe in standards
might the seafoam residue imprint on the synapses of your brainwash
might these night terrors be the gift that keeps giving
might you give me a sky for shoeing horses under
might the institutions render us mechanical sacrificial
might the candles of authenticity burn with wax to melt
might exccentricities cornerstone the remissions of our evolution
might the clocks respect the magnetic fields of conciousness
might we fizzle away in chaotic static
might every flask contain our chosen poisons
might the kills of our day medicate our manias
might the sanctions of manipulation be obligatory

Ominous Resilience

Though the ruthless convents swish me around
in the mouth of vastness
Conducting mannerisms in the advent of restoration
I retaliate under these demeanors
and eminate ominous resilience
Such is the elasticity of a rubber band
The tallied withdrawls of copulent haste
have defiled the voids of those overzealous crypts
that boast with integrated arcs of handled deliquents
and overcast fortunes
in the hollow of our necks
in the shadows of our crevaces
And as the coast draws dreary on itself
to the mist of cloud hanging heavy above
Often I wonder, how these acres have caressed
nostalgic days and holistic nights
undulating and wincing in antiquated obsoleteness
falling in misery under conniving craters
and mysteries of the heavens
so that we may understand


how i wonder to know
the warmth of occult conscientiousness
the illusions they could conjure up
to satiate those foreign thought bubbles
they teach of moral wreckage
the curdling truths of larvae beginnings
my admission is forged
in the headhunters blade
now ceasing to hollow me out
in the winter incense of skeletal regressions
bellowing out unforgotten residences
caulously interpreting the antiquated remedies

To: nobody

ministering on the complexion of societal mannerisms
whose anger trenches below the spheres of self esteem
chase your preconcieved misconceptions with a hard shot of potent reality.
your tethering actions only lie in the current stage of experience.
continue to live in a circumsized state of fantasy,
unable to discern reality amidst a myraid of surrealistic stimuli.
Your dusty morals chisel wreckage into your own philosophy
How you live in fractures, shames the world stage

Rebound in Undercuts

Ascension gives lift in aviation, as we are the sand in the hourglass
emotions launder in sad machines, over your bubble gut spillage
as callow "firsts" quiver fresh under memory relapses, we bask in disregards
and enchantments torque in correlation to diversities in coral reef exposures

when the shock of the situation deadens every sincere emotion,
new weather seems to bring a polarized focus to penetrate its stake in my indifference
The tic-tac excuses you translate in sleep make piecework out of you
With my left hand i present you my flipped bird, and with my right the palm of forgiveness

So my afferent neural pathways send signal flares for the madhouse to carry out efferent motor functions,
and dendrite feeler messages copulate in a soma to transfer down a slick myelin sheath response
Only for an anxious axon to deliver lightening blue realization through extroverted terminal buttons.
the ultimate synapse is created for your inhibitory apprehension to interpret.
maybe you release a happy intoxication on a neurotransmitter for my desireable oxytocin fantasy.


they dont know how we sit at night
with our sin in the weather
and our hearts rejecting our bodies
and our calloused fingertips
for cold hearted letdowns
and the doctrinal expletives that cultivate in the pulsating of our cortex
the horrors we forge in carnal retention
with tasteless flesh to swallow
to circumvent our mischeifs
with another irony of fate
in the collapse of our investments
held brittle in our lifeless hands
so the channels of our perceptions
cascade from the chakras
of our reborn selves
and trance into the fleeting flourescent
adolescent distance of our yesteryears
we retaliate with caustic wit
and rapid-fire delivery

Capias for Humanity

As I contemplate the realities of our existence
and the collective of our experiences through a binary state of mind,
I fall into nefarious abatement with scandals in the stratosphere.
Immaculate arcanas of suspended animation assimilate in perforated idiosyncancies
to acclimate an incipient index of exposure for a calibrated pandemic

Corporeal aphesis manifests in a calyx of household names and residual interests
The schitzopolis retracts to the blistering core of rhetorics
Only an episodic fate to buffer a vetted hollywood ending
could resurrect such overtures of awakened thrills


An innocent love is born in a child; a fuss for a touch

I anticipate every word you bleed
at the risk of a thoughtless rejection
In the fading visions of curiosity.
theres still room to choke where there's none left to breathe
Tell a good one to pull around that coffee stained smile, because
Dreams stop at sunrise

Theres a place where they like to go
A sweet edifice hanging in urban decay
Where they tell themselves in time
Theres nowhere left to go but inside
bring a canister of oil to a rusty heart
In a tangle of complicated emotions,
they strive for that sober moment
back into their minds to sort the tortures and
hopes where intimidation seizes by the throat
Reconciliation that suffocated in torture chambers
consort to a cowerdly unclaim; endorsement for the undone
menacing guillotines flicker their reflections...
blood stained public humiliation to magnify their gun music
handicapped by complexes and complicated by personality disorders
A passing release that deadened all I could yell,
gave desires to theft and phantoms to the night.

Sleepily draped over a welcoming bier
Macabre with dry dust acrid in the nostrils
In wafting the dust off your gravestone, I notice it is not thick
And what cost for this young life amounted to "is it worth it?"


The very thought eclipsed over me so epic
words costumed in a metabolic integration
souring matter trapezed around me as i sat in wretch
my decision sat on a fulcrum of instability
and as the moment aligned with its position in time
i knew the hot face of the glock
the sickness posited hard and caressed my swollen temples
the most hellish of coldness bit at my extremities
i stood above and below all that was left
the transformation gelled solid as the awaiting age approached
and as the cusp sequenced past the minefields of fate
the burn process began to seether ambiently


Recognised in the intellectual collective
the conversation was in the dice,
the dice in the throes of chance
the withering of an ego experienced most complacently
in the apparitions of recollection
a misplacement shadows over the contraception of ideals
by undermining worth, a challenge is eclipsed
by a hierarchy of definitive solvents
provocation lay rest against a sutured dismissal
you dont have to formulate excuses for hazy headed communication gaps


Imagine the conduits in forethought,
as the entourage calculates the environment,
lucid magnification testifies in reform.
Encompassed in brassy scales of powerthought
in visions so retractable and paralyzingly still,
let them resound encrypted with verdict.
Inhibited by a cindering utopia,
only enough to absorb the fracted hollow,
and let it come into present, as complete.
Neutralize it's impurities.
To follow the script.

Such is Life

Which poison will you choose to expel down my itching throat
as the roads fall away in advancement through decietful backroads
don't bother me, or you will meet the chosen voice of my insanity
we could sit in the same scenery today with your love flickering to burn
As my worries have found this a day for breeding,
for an image that echo's that this day was forgiven
the ominous ticking beats of my heart grow fragile in cliches.

Today seems further than yesterday as each day runs thinner
I can see the world framed inside your eyelashes
Fresh punctured hearts was part of the plan
As the world turns more stars are added to the sky
Like a thousand dying hopes i have for you

My body is littered with the pain of destruction
anxiety screams for my blackened soul
from a trench of awareness and ever-falling shadows
A face lost in tears transfers all the feeling
A blockade of doubt frustrates the healing process
I can still taste last nights experiment
My tears well up glossy, aimless eyes
The reasons only become more vacant
You invite lethargy to slow another careless dispense of time.
As excess emotion steals away the forcasted day
All i can do is reflect on what you said
Warning signs for each mistake prompt me to drive by once again

We completely sold off in a successive moment all over again
we must keep the loneliness in the grays of our past
void of all Ive taught you, here to break weak in someone's arms
As contradictions make like oxymorons in your head
The cold existence of new air invites a chemical advantage.

"Such is life"


Those will sit nearby
And watch your women
Drift by like seasons
Through each Fall
They will be destroyed
Through each Winter
They will be turned cold
The heartbreaker never rests
The soultaker takes no mercy

They want to sell your dreams
Profit off your dreams you'd share
Follow like theyre dosed
For a termination of the coast
Standstill mystery for inspiration
Sifts as roads teary cheeks of the sky's mourn
Capitate a complicated fate

3 Iron Stress Pock Marks

I imagine you illegitimately crowdsurfing over a balding audience in colloquial consequence
where my phantom friends party, they don't make sense so perfect to the advantages of my chalk outline
Dont take this too seriously, I may be dead, but my cryptic soul lingers on
Decide, as glistening pestilence glides down the forensic coils of revelation. breakfast is served!
As I instigate a retrieval, sin drones cuddle with a demand and verse me under the table

So once upon an imagined dream of society, marled nightmares act through us
my centrifugal leg in the corner portion of the chair, louvered with velvet curtain depression
morbid wax of wine bubbles over your body, treacherous, you eat soft peaches,
with flowers in your pits, nobody envies your "pirate bath" hygenic routines.
I constantly find myself in "sticker paralysis" when crumbs sit and laugh on your molesterstache.
Walk with those plates you call hats... you just can't come back from that

I listen with open ventricles because your a pinch of sunshine
the swans in the canals we observe, float together like an evening meeting
Good hours might be sold on the seizures of your dawning eliteness
Like a dark child, you communicate the contracting abyss of the essence of man
In lectures with the aether-core of vastness, you learn
transcend all the divisions in unison and i'd let secrets be lost with all this passing of time


Below you will find in the shells of my past
the secrets will whisper from the sea
from a shell on the shore
to tell you of
the secrets of my past
and if you listen carefully
the purring waves will resound
in your ear so delicately
you will have found
the secrets of the sea
the person inside me
the shells of broken hymns
have much to say
and keep you guessing
that those crashing waves
aren't just your echoing
inner thoughts, or maybe mine
just for you to decide
those shells have much to say
in verses often perishable
but if you listen carefully
your heart will tell you what they say
that cornocopia ear will speak to you
all the secrets of the world
all you want to know about anything
is in the message of the shell


These tendencies
furnish the day
and follow out
in their own sadistic way
call me in close
to cruise the lands
and fall in and out
of year-old plans
the tightening
of dimishing hopes
can snap at the threshold
and cause collapse
of year-old ambitions
and escorted dreams

in good company shows...
when the world is going down
in the worst kind of way
i am fortunate to be admitted to this
comforting wasteland of disheartened misfits


The price to pay to See
This oasis in the desert has always been a mirage
I try to drink its vacant stillwater
The best my thirstful mind could fabricate
Could almost believe in it, tangibly
Yet my body still dies
The real I need to sustain
I dont know how i feel but
I sure as hell aint numb
I'm at the end of your leash
you keep tugging to make sure im there
as you press on
you press on unanswered questions
revering unhealthy thoughts
pulsating in my skull
behind my glossy eyes
in order to acquiesce the velocities of the bloodletting
creating a sembalance
that thrusts our unadulterated minds into beings
that create seperateness and isolation
Fronteering on deadened echoes
of yesterdays screams
Should i dare to seek
the irony in your sadness...
re-experience and bruise on your words.
Where black hearts rush to a tragic stop,
break on your face,
only to desenegrate to ash
before a broken stare.



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