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On A Night Like Tonight

Updated on May 4, 2010

This wind...

On a night like tonight


Anything could happen.

Will happen.


On a dark balcony with this wind

Brushing over my naked feet

Moving between my legs

Into my skirt

The fragrance carried,

Strange and foreign.

The smells cover me.


And this wind...


Seems to suck the breath from my mouth

Lingering tastes of spice blooming on my tongue.

A bouquet living through my nose.


This wind...

Ruffling my collar

Whipping strands of hair


over my face.

This night...

Will end badly for some.

Heartaches shrieking,

Wet faces

Cruelty will reign.


Rain will not wash tonight.


Garden hoses will be used to rinse


off of cement.


Some people will blur,indistinct shapes,

Moving into inviting arms.

The soft touch of silk on skin.

Imagining memories

that haven't happened yet.

Pin pricks of living skin


Dancing improvised dances.

imagining touches

that haven't happened yet.


This night...


The music will flow and crash

like a wave.

On the wind, it will live like a thunder

And echo miles away.

a tinny sound of an old record.

far in the distance.


You can hear it


When the wind is quiet.


I would like another set of eyes

To look at.


In this wind...

There is nothing to talk about.

Nothing to think about.


Cool fragrance

smashing off walls.

I leave the door open

And sit in a chair.

Anything could happen

On a night like tonight.


Will someone come knocking

At my door?


Tomorrow we can put words

To what happened.

We can call attorneys and bail bondsmen.

Write checks and examine bruises.

We can cry,spit,vomit and beg.


On this night...


With this wind.


Probably best just to swirl away into it.

For now,

See what happens...




In this wind.

I'll sit in a chair

Waiting for a knock on my door.

Smelling of the wind,

Wrapped in aroma,





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    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      Provoking, profound. Dark haunting poetry, your words paint a picture, enticing into the darkness.

      I enjoy your writing.



    • profile image

      Pachuca213 7 years ago

      knock, knock, there? lol

      Wonderfully written and so pulled me into that one~