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A Turn Of Events

Updated on September 11, 2014
An Aedes Mosquito
An Aedes Mosquito | Source

A Storm Can Bring Many Things

The Beginning

Of the more than 2,710 species of mosquitos that exist in the world, over 13 of this species live in the United States. You will find that within these breeds there are three. The worst is called “Aedes” which are sometimes referred to as floodwater mosquitoes because flooding is essential for their eggs to hatch.

Aedes mosquitoes have large abdomens bearing a pointed tip. These are a strong breed of mosquitoes and capable of travelling over 81 miles from their breeding sites. Their biting targets are mostly mammals especially humans and their preference is to travel at early evening and at dawn. This is the yellow fever mosquito whose bites are very painful.

The Storm

The tornado hit Picher, Oklahoma on May 11, 2008, laying even more waste and destruction to an already wasted town. The storm continued east and brought with it a greater devastation, which would be truly realized in the months to come.

Toxic wastelands that dotted this area were infested with mosquitoes – specifically the Aedes genus. The insects had made the contaminated waters their home here for many years, adapting to the toxins in their environment.

Up to now, their flying range would be about 75 miles but the tornado had given them a much farther distance. Many of these insects were contaminated with a deadly disease that affected the body of mammals by delivering neurotoxins, dispensed by their bite, deposited into the bloodstream and eventually finding its way to the brain. The result was brain damage in the frontal lobe, which controls emotion and behavior. The number of infected mosquitoes is low but each breeding produces any number from 50 to 129 females.

The symptoms:

There is no denial that the bite is painful, often leaving a tiny trickle of blood at the bite infection site. Later the victim experiences frontal lobe headaches, slight disorientation and severe mood shifts often resulting in violent or irrational behavior. Ultimately, if not treated death through aneurysm occurs in 8 to 12 days.
Currently there is neither cure nor diagnosis. The CDC has not been informed of this as of yet.


The serene gathering at the country club is engaged in a cordial round of golf and usual discussions. As the golfer prepares his turn, he abruptly interrupts his swing and slaps the back of his neck, revealing a small spot of blood. Immediately, two secret service agents come to his side.

“Are you alright Mr. President?’


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