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On A Visit To A World Of Harmony.

Updated on February 19, 2010


On a visit to the world of harmony

on February 28, 2002.  ©-MFB III 


I open the door
of a sesame cottage
it is a bright
inviting place
where golden
beams of sunlight
caress the waiting face
of a lovely
dark-eyed lady
reading poetry
her lips enunciating
each word deliciously
as she rests in
a soft, plush chair
she looks up
at my entrance
and captures me
in the glow of a light
brighter then any sun
it is understanding
her knowledge
of my hopes
my knowledge
of hers as well
hopes for a world we love
her sweet perfume
draws me closer
I follow its scent
walking as if in a dreamstate
to stand before her
warming her with my smile
then bending
like a thirsty beast
at the cool stream
of an oasis
she fills my drink
I drink my fill
I kiss her cheek
and whisper
appealing words that flow
like the ripples of the Nile
with a flavour
of milk and honey
her eyes take on the weight
of fresh morning dew
her hands clasp mine
she sighs................
and then smiles too
all afternoon
as the dust swirls
in the sun's beams
we float in a peaceful flight
two hearts swirling
in the warmth of
friendships light
"Would that all the dusty souls of this planet
could shake free of holds barred, and join us in the
swirling warmth of friendships lights.


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