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On Butterfly Wings

Updated on June 1, 2013

At last, the morning has broken, and a new dawn begins.

One has waited, longed for the moment that has evaded for so long.

Suddenly upon us, it breaks! The radiance of its glory is now personified,

With the magnificence of youth!

I cradle the smaller in my arms, and feel its tiny breath as if a butterfly patiently waiting….

It is my concern that I learn of its need for love and peace, something that has eluded it.

My heart feels the pangs of distress, the yearning for more but the helplessness of despair.

The tiny butterfly, is but wisp of life, but means everything.

The tenderness of its wings as they touch my skin, fan my cheeks and patient waiting….

But for what can I do? It waits for me to act. To help it find the love and peace it so desires.

Again, my heart feels its pain, and reaches out, gently touching the fluttering, tiny wings of life.

It responds … in a soft fluttering … a gently touching, almost as cuddling.

The eyes meet and again, the touch that is gently felt as if no other could dream.

It is there, the understanding, the determination that there is love and peace for this frail being,

That has suffered so much at the hands of others.

It needs for only love, compassion and peace.

Perhaps now, I understand why it has happened.

This tiny, frail life…this fluttering butterfly of existence has come to me.

Taken away, far from me, for so long a time that I worried of its continued existence.

But now I know, that it is always to be, a love like no other will weather the time,

If for no other reason, to return and be mine.

Our love will continue, my frail butterfly

On gentle wings you will continue to fly.

Your youth and your beauty will always remain,

in my memories until we are together again..


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