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On Defining Self Worth.

Updated on December 23, 2009

On defining self worth!

Poetry is a vent
for steam and dreams,
and screams
and what we hold supreme,
each word can define
emotions so fine,
some sad moment in time,
or how life is a crime
when it's sorrows breach time.

Every poem touches me,
even those that are
critically self defining,
those harsh rants written
about what one feels is their own
horrible faults, or appearance.

I feel for all
that simply want to be,
without labels,
without the stigma
those who just want to
be accepted amidst the
tired, useless, petty groupings
of what the majority
determines is the norm.

beauty fades like ink
exposed to the sun
like parchment it
becomes onion like
and cratered by time
but most every poem
is beautiful.

Therefore each poem is an
extension of ones self,
so that no matter what
you think you may be lacking,
or how you think you
may look on the outside,

I have seen the
inner beauty of you,
in your poetry,
and that shines brightest,
that truly is
all that matters
now, and in the end.

Hold your head high,
and be proud,
you have a lovely,
and well respected soul
at least in my quarters
....when you are a poet.




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