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"On Galveston's Seawall" (A Poem about Galveston, Texas)

Updated on October 20, 2015

"Galveston...Oh, Galves-ton..."

Welcome to Galveston, Texas... Everyone! A Small Island on the Texas Gulf Coast.

A seagull squawks above my head,

We walk along the beach, my skin is red.

We have talked for an hour or so,

A spiny sea shell jabs my toe.

We have been away from each other way too long,

We both hurt each other and we both were wrong.

Now standing here at the edge of the sea,

We are back together, you and me.

The waves come up and cover my feet,

I want to get back to my cooler for something to eat.

The sand is warm and soggy where I walk,

But we continue to walk on and talk.

I look and see all of the families here playing,

No one pays attention to what we are saying.

It’s like we are in our own little world, just us two,

My love has grown weak, but I know I still love you.

Now…Up on the Seawall…walking by a bass speaker blasting loud,

The Tejano music fits in with this crowd.

Yet…It is hardly heard at all in my mind,

You are the only one I’m listening to at this time.

We’ll make it back to our lounge chairs in the sand,

Or maybe we’ll head over to “the Strand”.

I think back to the many years that we have come and on,

And back to when Glen Campbell sang lyrics that "...dream of Galveston".

In any case, as we walk along the beach and under the sun,

All the cares I have in the world grow numb.

I turn and see a brown wave crashing,

And watch three kids out in the water splashing.

I turn back to you and look into your brown eyes,

That we have come back together is really no surprise.

I’m glad we are here and back together,

Love’s not always made up of sunny weather.

A breeze comes in and helps my sunburn.

Our love had a couple of big lessons to learn.

That breeze is welcome by every sun bather,

And by every cycler, griller, surfer, and sailor.

Now on Galveston Beach...where we come to get away…

Our love renews and has come home to stay!

^^^~~~~^^^~~~^^^~~~^^^~~~^^^~~~^^^~~~^^^~~~^^^~~~^^^ (<= waves)

(Poem Written in July of 2008 for my wife!)

Go see Galveston!

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved for the Poem: "On Galveston Beach"

Galveston Seawall
Galveston Seawall
Overhead View of Galveston
Overhead View of Galveston
"The Strand" Galveston Historical District and Shops
"The Strand" Galveston Historical District and Shops

It should be noted; due to the horrific nature of the disaster; that while this poem was written in July of 2008; Hurricane Ike arrived in early September of 2008. I say this because the pictures above and in the Glen Campbell Song Video still represent Galveston...and she is still as Beautiful as she ever was. Come see Galveston, Texas!


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