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Updated on August 21, 2014

random thoughts...

  • Dallying with neologism

Nepenthied I

Of wearisome worries!

  • Quaffing life

To the very lees

Laughed I

At the stinging bees!

  • Had I

My druthers

I would hang all

Love dry-gulchers!

  • Embosking myself

Within a bush

Embarassed I

My blushing beloved

By flinging straight

From the flushing ambush!

  • Leaving-out in branches

And flowering-in to fruits

The treasured trees

Parade in pride!

  • An ambulatory heart


Many a pretty face

As it deems

To fast develop

Its flirting love!

  • Love

Is a dove

That acts

Hand in glove with mind

To make peace with heart

That glows hot


A burner in a stove!


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