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On The Way Home: A Tale Of Terror in Three Parts

Updated on April 24, 2015

Part One

Darkness was all that could be seen for miles on that cold autumn night. She was walking home from a long day, working double shift at the local diner. It was a 24 hour truck stop and she was the lucky one to have to cover the “over-nighter”.

It was nearly four in the morning and she still had about a mile to go before she reached her apartment complex. Her feet were killing her from having to wear hideous bubblegum pink heels that were a part of her uniform at the diner. Said heels were strapped to each other and were being carried in her hand. Her feet were bare against the concrete sidewalk.

The trees loomed in the shadows cast by the flickering street lamps, creating an eerie atmosphere that would be better placed in a Stephen King novel or even a film adaption of his works. She sighed slightly in boredom, unaffected by her surroundings. She passed the same trees and lamps every night.


In all actuality, she only desired to get home. She was thirsty and was beginning to grow even more tired than she already was. Sun up would be soon, and she only wanted to get in bed before it rose. She had to work the overnight shift once more the next night.

A noise sounded behind her and she froze. She looked around and relaxed as a black cat darted from between the bushes that surrounded the road and sidewalks. It stopped in the middle of the road to stare at her and then seemed to shrug and dart across the road once more and out of sight.


She turned her attention back to getting home when she heard a click directly behind her. As a cold, metal object was placed to her head, her body went rigid. A growled, whisper was directed into her ear.

“I don’t want your money. I don’t want anything on you. I don’t want you. What I want is for you to run. I will give you a ten second head start. You will run and try to escape. I will follow. I will give you until sunrise. If you manage to escape me, you will live. If not, then I will take pleasure in watching you bleed out slowly. I will enjoy watching the life fade from your eyes. This is a game. You have no choice but to play. I make the rules, and you can be guaranteed that they will change. Sunrise is in two hours. Your ten second head-start begins now. I suggest you run.”

With that, he began his countdown. The girl did the only thing that she could do in that situation. She ran.

© 2015 KMorningbrooke


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