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On This Plain

Updated on May 16, 2013


Vanessa T Williams (2009)
Vanessa T Williams (2009) | Source

I am horizontal and you are vertical. We are perpendicular on this plain. We collide and disintegrate in an instant- then we are revived. I am repelled by your wit; your ego is massive.

In my femininity I allow your shadow to consume my light; I am over powered on this plain. You impede my space and I am breathless here-now.

We cannot exist on the same plain. We are titans and we harbor light. We embody the completeness of man and woman; we are too bold to behold each other.

In your masculinity you ascend all men. You draw me in with your tone before you devour me with your sarcasm. I entice you with my availability and shun you with my morale. There is confusion on this plain.

You are set in the east and I lay across the west- separate ends of the spectrum we are miles apart. I travel to your kingdom and no hospitality exists. I leave only to let the tears flow freely.

Yet on this plain we cannot live without knowing the other exists. Here we are invaded by our pasts and where we have been; sometimes we both speak and the other does not even listen. On this plain we evolve together.

My circular mass will not harbor your square persona, and I stand confused as sometimes we seem adrift. Yet your intellect drowns me and your creativity surrounds me in your realm. In your glory is where I want to live

King and queen on this barren plain, but only for a moment; we borrow this time and one day we shall walk away and not be missed.

Level this plain my king and let me look into your eyes- let me see what it is you try with your life to hide. Let us be parallel and strive with one another- let us conquer tenacity and tame fear.

Let this plain be fruitful and bear us up. Let us not be tempted by the sanctity of loneliness. Do not leave me alone with my thoughts- lest I go insane on this plain. Who but you can save me from myself?

We are restless here and we grow angry with each other. The failure to interpret the emotions is becoming tense. We crash into one another prepared to defend. Miscommunication form blockages that laughter sometimes cannot repair.

Make repairs now and let us leave this plain. Let us shed our pride and leave behind what this once was. My friend you are my shelter from the nonsense- you are my voice of reason. We were destined to meet here on this plain


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    • profile image

      Brian ford 6 years ago

      This is a remarkable poem. I loved it

    • asmaiftikhar profile image

      asmaiftikhar 6 years ago from Pakistan

      voted up dear!