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On Wings Restored.

Updated on January 30, 2010


On Wings Restored.  


At long last I've
made the choice
to set my
sad soul free, 
Tell your friends,
I'm sailing on
defying gravity,
severed from
your lukewarm love
that wrought disparity,
never caring
to look back
on how you
once held me.

There were moments
that I cherished,
back when we first met
but the sorrows
I'm left clinging too
I can't forget,
All the ways
you clipped
my wings of dreams
sent me tumbling
from your heaven

bruised but finally free

Thankfully I've
found my voice
now I reclaim my heart,
bruised and battered
I'll restore it,
make a brand new start,
find a lady
who'll love me
as you fade into
the cobwebs
of my memory.

All your cheating
won't be beating,
any hopes I hold,
to find true arms
I can cling to
as we both grow old,
you'll keep using
and abusing
guys who love you so,
while I'm basking in
the kind of love
you'll never know.

Finally I've
made a choice
to set my
bruised soul free,
"Tell your friends
who ask that I've
defied the gravity,"
of a love that
holds no future,
blame it all on me,
I am done
persuing love
that wasn't
meant to be,
time will tell
the bitter
truth on you








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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 7 years ago

      strong :)