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On filling The Gaps Of Insanity.

Updated on November 30, 2009

On Filling The Gaps Of Insanity.


Would that they

were all blanks!

Blank checks

to fill the needs

of the unblanketed,

and the empty bellies

of the hungry.

Endless blank spaces

on the casualties of war list.


Blank bullets firing off

nothing but noise.

Blank headlines,

covering nothing

tragic in all the

countries of woe.

Blank books about hate.

and brilliant blank verse

that moves all men's

hearts to peace.


Blank faces staring out

at the sunrise in

Baghdad and Islambad,

and in Afghanistan

without the agonies of

an I.E.D. becoming D.I.E.D. veiled women

bend to ordinary tasks.

Shepherding children

off to school,

baking pita bread;

hot and savory,

filled with

the meat of plenty,

from a pacifistic

sacrificial lamb!


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