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Once I met someone

Updated on September 21, 2016

Once I met someone

Once i met someone.

To meet someone so far and feel so close.

To look in the eyes and see the glow

Of warmth and kindness

To hear the voice,

The accent which makes you tipsy, drugged

The company that doesn’t bore you

Your body starts to act like a metal

Towards a magnet.

With no control

I love the the shape of your mouth

when u smile and when u are quite.

I can’t stop gazing at your lips

The desire verges in me when u talk.

I don’t know what is the magic you are using-

Hypnotizing, surprising, never stopping,

Look how I am writing!

One day it takes to miss you

This craziness,

My brain is overloaded,

An error has been made,

But i have to proceed, connect to the network,

And send u this brief little report.


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