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How a Pageant Rocked a Tea Party?

Updated on June 8, 2021
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Sheila's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

My dream is to win my state beauty pageant and hopefully my dazzling face will rock it this year.
My dream is to win my state beauty pageant and hopefully my dazzling face will rock it this year. | Source

Demonstrate an Air of Etiquette, Girls

“I’ll win this year's countryside pageant, you’ll understand why," said Cindy!

“No, you’re not this time! I'll be the one to carry the regal crown this year, you'll see,” Anna cried as she twirled her curly red hair.

“Why are you bickering and shouting girls,” asked a mother?

“I assure you need to learn a bit of etiquette before you enter this year’s country beauty contest. With your attitude of bickering and hollering, neither of you will surpass each other, nor acquire something of value. And I am sorry to say this to you girls!”

As a consequence of their squabbling, Cindy’s mom contacted every girl’s mother who was a contestant of the last year’s beauty pageant. She wanted to devise a cunning mean to edify the little girls about poise, tact and table styles.

Upon a picturesque countryside, endearing moms aspirated and desired to host an elaborate tea party for their budding daughters. They conceived of an eloquent way to instruct them a thing or two about excellent table manners, and intelligent talk.

The mothers started out with a wonderful show. They urged on and ironed their daughters’ darling dresses, and gently placed it along with their beads on the day of the bash. They richly decorated a place in the heart of the country center with fancy paintings, sparkles, and balloons along the floor. They excitingly set up an exquisite banquet table with fine silver spoons, crystal glasses and embellished napkins that had the names of their daughters decoratively embroidered. And so they organized a spread of delicate and delicious foods from several regions of the world.

Perhaps, I'll  win the beauty contest!
Perhaps, I'll win the beauty contest! | Source

A Remarkable Piano Player Played Heavenly Sounds.

What's more, the mothers hired a remarkable piano player to play harmonious tunes from classical to jazz music! They cajoled and convinced a local town boy to wear a top hat with silk gloves. He waited on their girls with colorful teas with delicate crumpets and Hors d'oeuvre.

The girls were quite thrilled, for it was their first exquisite tea party with the fervor of a local beauty pageant lurking in the air! They couldn't wait to chat about their choice characters of their favorite books. For, they were on their best behavior and ready to show off their party etiquette with excellent table manners.

For sure, the erudite of poise their mothers taught them would pay off! And since, they were also competing as front-runners in a lovely countryside pageant next month and judged by their moms, every girl was eager to exhibit self-confidence, intelligent talk, and talent.

The girls quickly sat in their assigned seats and awaited a serving of special tea with crumpets. Cindy was hot to strike a conversation; consequently, she began with a girl seated next to her.

She flapped her hand. “Pardon me, mademoiselle! Would you wish to try this yummy treat?”

“Of course, I would! Why thank you for my sweet.”

A Girl Lost a Tooth

As a girl bit into the tasty crumpet, a loose tooth fell off! She writhed in her chair and would not dare to spit it out. She sat gently and made funny faces and motions, as she ate all the while tightly holding onto her tooth with her tongue, and wondered what to do next. She did not want to look conspicuous, but well poised beside her little emergency.

Every girl at her table felt like tittering when they ogled her, but they dared not. For, laughing at someone was not the proper thing to do at a tea party and beauty pageant.

Ana picked up what was happening at Cindy’s table, and she rushed to the stage while the pianist was playing a lovely melody. She wanted to sing a special song to change her friends' outlook. What’s more, the boy who served the authentic teas made a mess of everything!

The server boy accidentally spilled tea on all the girls' enchanting dresses. No girl knew what to say. They glimpsed on, in unbelief with a plastic smile, and nodded their heads up and downward to appear as if naught had occurred. Even though they were flabbergasted, they dismissed the boy’s mishaps and acted as if zilch happened.

They proceeded to eat delicately, and amazingly struck remarkable conversations about their preferred books to everyone who sat at their tables. For they knew, they were being scrutinized and judged for the most elegant pageant in the town next month. No one wanted to ruin their chances of being in the most glamorous countryside contest.

I can dig all this etiquette and poise stuff, mom, if I win the beauty pageant today!
I can dig all this etiquette and poise stuff, mom, if I win the beauty pageant today! | Source

The Girls Received New Ball Gowns

The server boy was embarrassed and dumbfounded for not being reprimanded by the girls. So he quietly left without saying a word! He promptly scurried home and begged his father to buy the girls the most elegant gowns still. When the tea party ended, the girls breathed a sigh of relief! The girl who had lost her tooth finally spat it away on an embellished napkin for her tooth fairy.

Cindy’s mom grabbed a microphone to congratulate every girl for demonstrating fine etiquette and excellent table manners, despite the obstacles that were purposefully set before them. She explained how it executed to cause them to act at a formal dinner table. She vowed every girl would be lavishly rewarded and would be a finalist in this year’s country beauty pageant.

Every mother was extremely proud of their noble daughters! The girls laughed their stress off in a hullabaloo, and Cindy cried," Wow, woo. All this etiquette jumbo paid us back good time girls, hooray for great moms. We totally made it in this year's country beauty pageant. Congratulations beautiful amigos!"

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