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Once You Start You Can't Stop

Updated on February 27, 2014

I know You have Been There

Another day in paradise or is it something else

My day went well and I started out with so many expectations

I got about two percent of my goals accomplished and keep working on more every day

There has to be so much more to life

As I stretch my arms high up in the sky

Thinking what is my sole purpose

If you believe in the bible you would say we are all Gods children

God made us different and gave us each special talents know one else has

God also wanted are life to be exciting

in so doing God makes us search, discover and guess what these talents are

As they lay hidden deep inside of us like a needle in a hay stack

Not so easy to see

On the other hand when we find out what it is

Nothing but amazing and wonderful and all we could of ever wanted and more

Until that time we come across so many choices that baffle the mind

It can be overwhelming

Also breathtaking and so interesting

We are given many opportunities to see others with their talents

To make us wonder where are talents lie

There are also those who will lead us in different directions

Teasing us

Tempting us

Showing us shortcuts that don't exist

Trying to convince us to take an easy way

Without work or effort

Looking so pleasing and satisfying

If we could look a little closer we would see

Their way can only be bad

It is filled with ego and self centeredness

Greed and lack of compassion for our fellow man

Farther away from our goals and aspirations

So we may also think and make the right choice over the wrong many times

These are the times I find myself doing something odd

Out of the ordinary

I have watched other people do the same thing

It has been a common occurrence

That no one seems to say anything

As I watch closely and get find the deep meaning

Vowing not to do what others do

Then it happens

Sometimes I am alone when it happens

Then it happens almost instantly again

Other times I will be minding my own business and someone will do it in front of me

Then it is if they have a unknown power over me

I begin to do what they do

How is it that I have no control

Now I watch closely for the next time

Carefully aware of all my actions

If this happens again

What does this really mean ?

I am bored with life and I need a change

I am tired and not interested

To prevent this I try everything in my power

To bring a new thrill to every day

One that will keep me on edge and wondering


Looking for hidden clues

Seeing something I never saw before

I new beauty hidden

Something so fantastic I can't believe I missed it

How could I not have seen it

This could be my secret passion

My gift or all gifts

Then again without warning

My mother would say strange words like

Without further a do

Whatever that means

All these years I still don't know

It happens

I just can't stop yawning

Yes I know it is a sign

That I must change

Luckily I have some more time

To change and prevent it from happening in the future

Looking around for my newest adventure

Until we meet again

Make it a good day

One that you will be very proud of

Maybe you are better than me

You have found how to stop what I can't as of now do

As I set the bar higher and I reach for the stars

Maybe a yawn means something else entirely

Yes could it be

A yawn is actually a call of the wild





Where we are on the threshold of something really big

The clue that I have been looking all my life for

When we yawn it is a sign for the most important things in your life is about to happen

So be on the look out

Keep your eyes peeled

The next time someone yawns


Look around you to see who is watching

Something extraordinary might just happen

You might just yawn too


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Nadine May I feel so appreciative to you and other readers who take the time to read my words as I try to give you insights to life from the inside out. The good and the small part that says "under construction " which is a working progress. I don't believe in mentioning the bad it just reinforces the negative. Where if we see the positive and the other part on it's way to become positive. Thank you again for your beautiful comment.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      It's a great gift if we all could write the way you do. Bringing out your thoughts the way you do. Interesting

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Jodah For years few friends or family understood what I was trying to say as my words fell on deaf ears. It didn't matter because I didn't need their approval anymore and I knew all the time I wanted it they never were going to see it my way. Struggling to only see the bright side knowing that is what gave me the most comfort and satisfaction. I am very thankful for the HubPages and so many writers from all around the world who love to read. Thank you so very much for finding the time to read another story and comment.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Dream On, another of your poems both rejoicing in life and questioning things around you. It seems to come easy to you just to look around at your surroundings and tap your inner feelings for inspiration to write. I envy that.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      billybuc I don't know where I will go from here. Thanks for following me and coming along for the ride. I will try to make it as interesting as it can be. Never a dull moment. The life that I really want is one we believe in but we can't always see. Thank you so much for reading and all your comments over the years.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I love your poetry...and your thoughts. You are a reflective person who seems to need answers to life...always questioning, never really satisfied not knowing....yes, I am happy to be your follower.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      DDE It is from your comments I keep searching for answers. Through your hubs I learn the inner workings of so many things that I didn't see before. I learn from my emotions and the feelings that guide me through life. If I feel good I honestly think I am doing something right. If I feel bad I know I shouldn't have done it and now I have to figure out why. It has taken me to many great opportunities and happy thoughts I only begin to describe. Harishprasad I have read your comment and had to reread it many times to think you might have the wrong page. I am thrilled at what you have said and as you say who knows ?What ? Why ? How ? What for ? I just do things because I feel good helping others if any way possible. I walk away with a weight lifted off my shoulders and the same time I feel like a lonely bird who flies in the sky loving life for what it is and taking on each day with more happiness than I had before. I know my parents did all they could to teach me right from wrong. Then they would often say it is up to you. If I made a mistake they would tell me you know better. So I learned to turn to my inside for answers and most the time I get more questions. But I don't stop there. It just makes me want more and curiosity to understand most of the time after the fact. When I have already made many mistakes. Learn as you go has been my motto. Love more than before has been my way of life. No matter how many times you knock me down I manage to get up. The important thing is I have the opportunity to live my wonderful life with so many incredible people like yourself. That never stop inspiring me to do better. I see a cloud in the sky and many say it will rain.They get upset even before it does anything. I love the rain.So I wait eagerly like a dog waiting for his next treat. Then it doesn't rain and people complain it will probably rain tomorrow or it's been so long now we need the rain.No matter what you tell them you can never win. I say everything happens for a reason it is up to us to find out why ?Well I am happy to see one comment and I have received two. Both make me extremely happy to write and I hope that I can continue to entertain, amaze, create and make you smile and laugh more than before. Thank you for reading a little bit of me that goes out to special friends that make me happier each day I live. I have heard an old saying good things come to those who wait. Well how can we learn to change it a bit and say good things come to those who do good. May the sun shine on you and keep you warm. May the rain cool you off when your hot. All the days in between may be a happy combination of the first two. Have a peaceful day.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 3 years ago from India

      DREAM ON, a bird flies in the sky- does it fix a place where it has to fly and where not ? We venture out in the world- do we know what would be the moments like when we are out or when we return to our homes ? we decide to meet someone-how would be the time, moments, place, happening, person and so on ? We begin to think- where would our thinking take us and what would be our actions and reactions ? who knows ? What ? Why ? How ? What for ? This moment is or this moment isn't ? Sometimes blissful or sometimes distraught ? Spring or autumn, happy and sad, right or wrong, good or bad, hell or heaven, life or death , failure or success, is or not, rain or draught ? ........... You are so right. There is no full stop ever here or hereafter and we are surrounded by so many question marks. Do they not make our lives so glamorous and interesting ? You write such wonderful stuff that our minds start blowing like storms and want to take everything with them whatever they come across. I love your way, so excited and mad after life. You open so many windows of life and that is so spicy in your beautiful poems. I relish your poems with all my heart and soul and yes also learn a lot. Thank you and all happiness and peace. :-)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Thank you!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      DDE Every day all we can do is try. Life is filled with so much happiness. Like a balloon filled to it's capacity stretching and stretching and then sometimes someone comes along with a pin and pop!Why they do what they do I don't know. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.,

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Hi DREAM ON only you can make things good for you interesting hub.