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One Day I am Going to Give An Incredible Presentation

Updated on July 9, 2016

Once I have achieved my goal of becoming a copywriting gun I would love to do a presentation. In the presentation I would show people exactly what I did to become successful.

I have a vision of what I am going to do and how it is going to work. Right now I need to focus on my work to make this vision come into fruition. I need to do a hell of a lot of work in order to get there. It is going to take a long time to start seeing results. We all know that anything that is worth having takes a serious amount of hard work.

In my presentation I would emphasise that one of the important things in copywriting is just to write. You need to put your thoughts on to paper and present to people exactly what it is that you are thinking about.

Sometimes the best way of getting things out there is writing as a kind of stream of consciousness. This way you will have something out there, something that people can read and use for themselves. Once you have some content you have something to work with. I would present this to my audience without sounding pretentious or preachy.

I would move on to how I use copywriting as part of the SEO process. How I use my content to promote websites and to add value to those websites. The focus would be on how I use my writing to get backlinks to websites.

Getting backlinks is very important for businesses who want to rank for certain keywords. Arguable backlinks are the most important thing for SEO. I might even call my presentation 'the science of backlinking'. Indeed it is a science but the first step to succeeding is creating, always be creating.

My presentation will include the strategy I used to become successful. Of course I am just unfolding this strategy at the moment. It is clear in my mind exactly what I am going to do.

Firstly, I need to write a lot of original articles. I need to work towards having hundreds of articles in my arsenal. These articles would be saved into a folder of mine in word.

Some of these articles will then be published into article submission websites. I will build my profile on these websites and engage with other authors on there using the comments and Twitter. I will build my Twitter profile and use it to score guest blogs on other websites.

This would keep going in a cycle. It is certainly going to take a lot of hard work. The two underlying themes of this journey is to keep writing and to keep getting backlinks. The ultimate goal is to get backlinks that are going to give my website authority and to give my clients a boost.

Once I start getting guest blogging gigs more and more opportunities are going to open up for me. I will be able to work with my web developer to build powerful new websites. Websites that are fully optimising and ranking within their niche. I believe this is where the future lies in regards to making money on the internet - developing websites and selling them for a hefty profit.

So why would I be giving my secret away? Well the thing is that I am not really going to be giving my secret away at all. I am beginning to write content on an unprecedented level - almost 5,000 words per day. That is a serious amount of content.

I need to keep pushing through and producing more and more content. This is the way to success - just keep churning things out. The more articles I have the more people will see that I am a reliable source of articles. They will want to publish my content and share it with other people. I will become high authority.

Now I am not suggesting that I am an amazing writer. I know I am not. My writing style is unique though and I have perspective that is valuable to people. I also make things clear.

There is so much content on the internet that just does not make any sense to anybody. This content is just so useless. It does not need to be that complex or complicated. People will quickly get the crux of my message. They will quickly know what I am telling them.

It is these kinds of expectations on writers that are preventing many from producing their best works. They are trying to meet certain expectations when really they should just write from the heart.

If you are able to do this fame and fortune will potentially come from it. I am hoping to land guests posts on websites with authority. The backlinks I am going to get from this is going to be insane. Well that is certainly where I want to be some time in the not too distant future. However, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. I just need to focus on my goals which is to share my thoughts and keep writing.

Writing should be about sharing what is going on in your mind. What is going through your mind is not always pretty and not always easy to digest. This is life though, and this is how information should be presented. People want more of the truth than anything else.

As I mentioned before it is the unrealistic expectations that are holding back a lot of writers from being fantastic writers. You should focus on writing content that is super engaging and truthful. All I am going to do is keep sharing. There is certainly no harm that can come from doing this.


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