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One Day in a Lifetime (Everyday Verse)

Updated on March 1, 2023
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John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.

A collage
A collage | Source

Hungry Bird


blue bird

sings gaily

at the sun rise.

Rejoicing the day,

spreads it's wings wide

to catch the rays.

Spies a worm,




Ready for the Day

Dawn chill settles gently,

Makes me feel alive.

Look out new day

I am ready

For you.

Any challenges

That you may bring

I am eagerly embracing

And will surely overcome.


One Day in a Lifetime

On sleepy weekend mornings

It's good to stay in bed,

Underneath the blankets,

Dreams still in my head.

As the sun moves higher,

Bird song fills my ears.

I yawn, then stretch my arms out wide,

As my body changes gears.

I kiss my wife "Good Morning",

Then rise to meet the day.

First, to put the kettle on,

So coffee's on its way.

Any special plans or chores

We discussed the night before.

As I wait the water's boil,

I open up the door.

The dogs rush in to greet me,

I pet them all in turn.

The cats meow for their morning feed,

I guess they'll never learn.

I take My Love a steaming cup

Of tea, her preferred brew.

Then I sit by the window

And sip my coffee too.

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Ginger and Loula
Ginger and Loula
Ginger and Loula | Source

Relaxing with my current book,

Whatever that may be.

My goal to read one chapter,

Or maybe two or three.

Then time to make some breakfast.

For me it's eggs and toast,

And for my wife, her usual,

It's yoghurt and rolled oats.

Maybe one more cuppa,

Before the daily chores,

Like washing up and vacuuming,

And other stuff that bores.

But when that's done, the day is free,

To do with as we please.

Maybe a drive to visit friends,

Or picnic beneath the trees.

My wife could do some craft work,

And I may watch some sport,

Or put the four dogs on their leads

And take them for a walk.

We could attend a market,

Or play pokies at the club.

More likely we will stay at home,

And just rustle up some grub.

© 2014 John Hansen


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