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One Day...the light

Updated on October 21, 2013
Light on ! from Petar T
Light on ! from Petar T
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luxury house, pool and cars from Sir Richard Lindo

One Day

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

One day a light will turn on,

and we, aghast,

will be thrown into confusion,

everything we thought we knew,

turned to dust,

truth so revolutionary,

so stark yet undeniable,

it will be embarrassing,

just how inadequate we are,

our human arrogance,

like children,

having to get their way,

be on top.

I cannot wait for truth to appear,

because I have been embarrassed

my whole life,

humiliated by such trite ideals,

and hateful arrogance,

and we deserve the comeuppance,

of a vengeful universe,

because of our selfish, hollow paradigms,

our righteous, ridiculous beliefs,

and the mean, oppressive

ways we maintain

our delusional thinking.

This terrestrial experiment,

shows all too well,

our shortcomings,

and sooner or later,

it will end,

because how can we survive,

causing so much imbalance,

so much hate,

leading lascivious lives

of meaningless hedonism,

without spirit,

without soul,

compassion or love to guide us.

Yes we can have every hope,

possess every potential,

as thought by our creators,

yet what have we proved thus far,

that we are worth the saving?

This potential is a disappointment,

a proven disaster,

a race to see how fast ego

can dissolve a planet,

destroy glorious life

with reckless abandon,

with no compassion,

for the cause of greed,

and the ingratiation of self.

Tears must flow from our creators,

how could they not,

this travesty of life bestowed,

and we,

comfortably reading our morning newspaper,

oblivious to this wonderful potential,

this wretched disease

called humanity.

Disagree, please!

I'm all out of justification.

How much time do we have left?


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