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One Foot in The Grave Review

Updated on August 29, 2012

One Foot in The Grave Review –

     The second book in Jeaniene Frosts Night Huntress series takes all the fun and flirty adventure from the first book and makes it one hundred times better.  The end of the first book had Cat leaving Bones and her old life behind to join Don and lead the government team that would hunt down vampires to keep the general population safe.  It has been four years since she started working with the government and had resigned herself to her new life. She has even started dating again. 

     Of course there wouldn’t be a story if everything continued to be happy for our heroine.  Cat is assigned to kill a man named Liam who killed a couple of humans and therefore was on the governments list of bad guys.  Liam turns out to be Ian, the man who sired her lost love Bones. Out of misguided sentimentality Cat lets him live. That is when everything starts to go terribly wrong since “no good deed goes unpunished”.

     The undead world had come to refer to Cat as the “Red Reaper” due to the color of her hair and because she brings death wherever she goes.  As a result of this infamy it is no surprise someone places a bounty on her head. She also discovers that Ian can’t stop thinking about her and wants to add her to his collection of rare items he has acquired over the years.  The trouble for Ian is that Cat doesn’t want to be acquired by him or anyone. 

     Naturally Bones finds his way back into her life and Cat has to reconcile doing her job and being with the love of her life. She has come to truly enjoy her job and realizes that which she doesn't really need them, they are in desperate need of her.

     The great part of this second book is that it takes what worked from the first book and made it even better.  Bones doesn’t loose his charming, sarcastic ways and doesn’t make it completely easy for Cat when they meet again, testing her love in the most dangerous way possible.  Cats “team” is an excellent addition to the cast and you can’t help but completely fall in love with Juan even though you want to smack him sometimes.  We also get to meet more people from Bones past and there are a lot of great cat fights and jealousy from Cat.

     Once again the fast pace and engaging plot makes this a very easy read and there is a sense of satisfaction with some of the issues that are resolved including meeting someone from Cats past.  This book also contains one of the most erotic sex scenes ever put to page and for any readers who want to get right to it and don’t mind some spoilers can turn directly to chapter 32.  All fans of the genre will enthusiastically read this book and finish it hungry for more. 

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