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One Hundred And Seventy Three Cats In A Room What Would You Do ?

Updated on August 12, 2010

Sit Still

I have dreamed of this day and it has finally come

Many people would never think of such a thing

I am excited and happier than ever

My cats our friendly and always have their eyes on you

No matter where you go they are there

You feel their presence but  you are not alarmed

I admit they are a little over whelming to the naked eye

I have found they kind of grow on you after awhile

At first it was like the same seen from a movie played over and over again

How do I get out of here and fast all I could think

Then as I calmed down and with my dictionary by my side

It all made perfect sense

They were not some figment of my creative imagination

They were real as the time of day

They have come alive with every word I speak

They are my legacy to live on when I am gone

So for you it might be a sight for sore eyes and a headache about to happen

For me it is a wonder that I don't have to feed them a can a day to keep them happy

They are so full of spunk and hidden joys waiting to explore my every thought

They bounce from page to page with a little hop

No leashes on these cats

They are free to travel where ever they feel like

They like nothing better than to be talked to and spend time with

Matter of fact

They are smiling at you this very moment

It is a beautiful thing when your imagination turns on

Then all the things that were nothing but dust in the wind

Become a real life challange

To break every known concievable notion

You never know when one of my cats may climb up on your lap to visit

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

They might be a handful

So if I was you I would go slow

One at a time not to have to many

Yes one hundred and seventy three cats are a bit much

But I would haven't any other way

Unless another cat finds it home in my arms and once again I am at a loss

Because even though I believe and think I know I am boss

They will prove to me time and time again I am not

They may purr like a kitten and seem innocent and harmless

They are full of mischief and endless love

When you put your guard down they strike

Unexpectly with a little nibble or a poke with a paw at your jaw

Remember what you see is what you get

You may say get down and down one more time 

They may listen

But don't be surprised if they make you laugh and then cry

Thats why they are so special to me

They may sleep all day but when night comes

Watch out and all your furniture will shake

No its not an earthquake as you might think

It is only one of my cats done with its 40 winks

So relax at last and get something to eat

Don't be surprised if they are under your feet

You can't leave your food alone or they will have it gone before long

Enjoy the energy that never stops

The constant meows for attention at the strangest of times

An occasional whining when they don't get their way

I think you find out soon enough

My cats our here to stay


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    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      I fully agree that when we pause to love and appreciate nature and other creatures here on our Earth, the better we can stay connected within ourselves and among each other. When we distance ourselves too much from nature we tend to become fragmented and less "whole" within ourselves.

      Even folks who spend lives relatively apart from the mainstream of human activity but who stay in touch with nature around them seem to have deeper understanding even for the mainstream of human activities of which they're not fully a part! I'm thinking of my favorite poet, Emily Dickinson, who was so distanced from society but in touch with nature. Her poetry seems to be inspired to know just what is real and what is happening in her era better than many who were in the thick of things! LOL. Anyway - most of my best poetry was written when I, too, was fairly isolated but could relate to nature and observe freely with my own heart and mind.

      Your Daryl sounds like a lovely furry friend! It's thier loss if some of the people nearby have no time to stop and share more. Yes - it's amazing when folks can invest their precious moments in negative thinking and pursuits but can't find a moment for more positive or uplifing things. But not to worry - there are others besides Daryl who do love reading your delightful poetry and other hubs!! And even if only one or two other folks "get it" - think how enriched they and you are by having that shared moment!!

      Hugs - Nellieanna

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      8 years ago

      Nellieanna I have one cat and one kitten.I learn so much from them.Most of all unconditional love.When I wrote the hub it was about all the hubs I wrote and how my profile picture of my cat comes to life through my writings and through real life.I combined the best of both worlds.Thank you for understanding and appreciating my thoughts.I am so sorry to hear about your two kitties.I am sure your life has been changed in so many ways because of the love and friendship they have given you.I try to understand when people and animals we love so much leave this world what lessons in life they have taught me.So I can carry on their love in my thoughts to so many people I love.Thank you for taking the extra time and understanding more of me.I have family members that would stop along the way and say I don't have the time or energy to read what you have to say.But in the next breath they can waste their day away complaining about strangers they don't even know. I am anxious to check out your wonderful kitties Toulouse and Camille.Thanks again for sharing and loving today and everyday.I am truely blessed to be in your company.I have to admit it sometimes I go to my profile page and I see all my cats I get nauseous.But The love for my cat Daryl soon takes over and I feel like every time I post another story I share it with him.I sometimes think way outside the box.But I love animals so much it is my way of sharing my life with the animal world too.I really believe the closer we get to nature and animals we can see life in the beauty it really is.The farther we get away from nature and animals the farther we get disconnected with ourselves and the real meaning of living our life.See you soon on one of your hubs.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      It occurred to me that there is a way to show you my two kitties via Comments - each of them is on the top of two of my webpages honoring online friends' pets! Camille is with me on:

      and Toulouse majestically takes the head spot on:

      You can also just click "next" from the page with Camille on it to go on to the next page. There are many other lovely pets of some of my online friends on all those Personal Pets pages, in fact.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      While I was reading your hub, I took time to go and check to see how many hubs and/or followers you have - and figured out that the cats to which you refer are the hubs - and that you've added a few more since you penned that hub! But I love both cats and good hubs too.

      Our darling two kitties, Toulouse & Camille, died in 2003 at the age of 18, still in perfect health but got ahold of something lethally toxic the one time we took them with us into a motel room. So sad. Just never really felt like getting more kitties due to other circumstances. But what a joy they were all that time from their birth in my closet to their death almost in my arms. sniff, sniff. My darling George felt they were waiting for him 'up there' shortly before he left for that journey too. I feel they're all somehow looking out for me here.

      Hubs are also great friends and companions, as you say! And yours are such a pleasure to read! Thank you!

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      8 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I brought my hub picture to life.The 173 cats were all my hubs at the time of my writing.When you see all my hub stories on one page that is all my cats in one room.Then It was easy to let them do eveything my cats do.Thank you so much for enjoying.I am sad you had to leave your princess behind.Did you give her to a friend?You can always share the memories and I will gladly listen.Those great times can never be taken away ever.By sharing them with other hubbers princess will live on in many peoples hearts forever.Have an enjoyable day.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      8 years ago from Great Britain

      This had me in tears. I´m such a big softy for cats, especially my ¨Princess¨who couldn´t come with us to our new ´home´. I miss her so much. Great hub. You summed up the nature of cats really well. Long may they reign.!!!


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