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One: Prologue

Updated on January 10, 2016


No pandemic, no global virus, no quarantine, no nothing, at least at alleged beginning. Otherwise, I'd probably be surrounded by zombies right now... or dead, more likely. The one way I can describe it is: humanity went batshit crazy. Simple as that. I'm sure of what I said at the beginning, but I couldn't confirm the latter. I managed to until I caught a "breaking news" transmission on the radio. Well, that and some interesting events that had been happening around me for some time.

For example: I was working when a fairly muscular guy entered the restaurant and sat down in a taken table by throwing the couple who was sitting there out of their seats. And I'm not talking about "You have to leave", I'm talking about him grabbing the woman's hair and literally using her like a bloody javelin; the guy, he grabbed him by the back, lifted him and shattered the window with his body. Nobody did anything to stop him, mainly because nobody could've handled a fight with that. That was the beginning.

Breaking News

Then, I managed to confirm my previous "batshit crazy" statement. I was listening to the radio (before every single way of communication broke down) when a "breaking news" came up.

"This is a transmission of the utmost importance. Recent waves of violence have not been only happening in London, but in the entire world. A scientist, after examining the body of a rioter, managed to find a probable cause for this: a virus that affects both the parietal and the frontal lobe of the brain. In his words:

'The frontal lobe is responsible for motor control, speech, smell and the ability to solve problems, along with the capacity to concentrate; on the other hand, the parietal lobe handles taste, body awareness, touch and pressure. When these two become affected by the virus, they cease to function. The first victims of this virus have become extremely violent individuals due to the simple fact that they can't control their bodies because they aren't aware of their existence. When a human being can't take control of a situation, especially when not having the ability to solve problems, they react violently. But this isn't the worst part. The virus keeps developing in the brain until it takes over completely the parietal and the frontal lobes. If my estimations are correct, I believe infected humans, lacking taste, smell, body awareness and the ability to solve conflicts, the diet of them will change drastically, to the point that... it may recurr to eating human flesh to sustain itself.'"


Ca... Cannibals? You have got to be kidding me. My mum stood frozen in place. She dropped a glass she was washing. My father left his scotch aside and started packing our bags. He said we'd be safer in the country. We have family there, so everything would fall right into place. And that's my story up till now.

We're living in my uncle and aunt's house in the outskirts of London; actually, the outside of the outskirts. It's really different from my regular life, but it's not too bad. They've got Wi-Fi and all that, so it's all right.

And then I hear my uncle come in, shotgun in his hand: he's bleeding and panting. He locks the door and pushes a piece of furniture to block it.

"Close the windows, the curtains, block every single way in and out, Mary. I can't explain right now, just do it. Michael, Rose, you help, too. And call the kid. Nobody leaves this house until we know how many are out there."

"How many what?" asks Mary, already knowing the answer. Uncle Tim looks at her.

"No one leaves the house. Leave the window of the attic open, it's a good shooting position."

I walk down the stairs. Everyone is pale white. And I know my long-lasting peace is over. I've arrived at the gate of hell.


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    • Diego Esperante profile image

      Diego Esperante 23 months ago from Mexico

      This will be a series of short stories following a same storyline. I still do not know how many entries it will have, but I hope you'll enjoy them.