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A short story: "One Rainy Night that changed my life."

Updated on September 26, 2016

by Salini

Drive to the beach...
Drive to the beach... | Source

by Salini

The wind blowing on my face, the whooping sound that roars inside my ears from the passing wind, blaring music from my car stereo, cold beer for my company, sunny day head having clear blue sky as its mate, long drive towards the beach. Ah, what else does a bachelor need to relax on a weekend?

I sing along with the song and bob my head side to side. Today is a good day my heart say smiling. The drive takes away all my stress and I view the scene to my left to the passing fields nearby. The trees dancing, having an affair with the wind, flowers ripened and flirting with the bees. Kids playing, running, pushing, chasing dragonflies along the muddy trails beside the paddy fields.

I take a deep breath. Love is in the air. So many beautiful things to see and enjoy and people say man need a woman beside him to enjoy his life!

I smile at the thought and put my feet on the accelerator to speed up a bit. I know speed kills, but guys just live a little.

I see the margin of sea at the distance and prepare myself for a relaxing fun filled day ahead. Hoping to have a ball of a time, with willing bikini clad girls. Hey, don’t judge me, I am a guy.

Parking my Rolls Royce I stretch out my arms and turn around closing the door but not before taking my beach bag. I look at the calm beach and smile happily. I love this beach for a reason. It is not crowded, ample privacy, yet not isolated to doubt about its habitation.

Walking towards the beach and entering my usual cool drinks bar, I place my bag on the counter and whistle the tune of the last heard song on my car stereo. Suddenly a head bobbed up from beneath the counter. Whoa nice.

“Yes, how can I help you?” the unknown blond haired girl with smoking hot blue eyes and a figure worth to kill for asks me coolly. Okay focus!

“Hey, is John here…” before I finish my question.

“Who is there?” John’s gruff voice accompanies him to the counter.

“Oh hey Jade. How are you son? It has been long time that I have seen you around.”

“Yeah, I have been held up by my work lately." I reply casually glancing at the girl. John catches my eyes and drift of my thoughts, That is my guess!

“Hey, Liza, you can have your day off, just give Jade some company, and he is like a family for me.” John tells her and gives me a parting hug.

“Do come here more; you don’t come as often as before Sam left us.” His voice betraying the pain; hidden beneath his emotionless mask.

I nod. Sam was one of my close friend, loyal, true patriot and soldier of our country. Last winter the war took him away from us forever.

The sound of heels brings me back to the reality. I look at the long never ending legs adorning those heels and my gaze finally rests on the owner of the face…Liza. Very well let me start my charm.

The day passes away sooner than I wanted. Walking about the beach, surfing, ogling inconspicuously at the hot women strolling and lazing on the beach getting themselves a suntan, Hey don’t want to offend my feminine counterpart. Talking for few hours and few lingering touches it was time to part away from my today’s female company.

A long steamy kiss with the sexy siren and few squeezes along the make out session left my heart wanting for more.

“Bye Liza, have to go now. Will try to come next weekend or so okay?” I tell her as I open my car.

“Bye Jade, it was fun today. Call me if you need someone to talk to.” She said smiling coyly.

“Yeah right, it is about to rain I guess, will hit the road then. Say bye to John for me. See you.” I take out my car and wave her a bye. Hmmm now I have a reason to come here again. Smiling at the wicked thoughts that springs in to my mind at the mention of meeting Liza again I switch on my radio.

Clasps of thunders strike viciously above; lightening the darkened clouds along its trail. I look outside cursing myself for getting so caught up with Liza.

“The car is shaking weirdly.” I think aloud. Then it comes to a stop. Oh great. Now I am stuck here, in the dark, on a rainy night, with no help around. I think I will call john or Liza for help. It is still near the beach.

I take out my cell from the top of the dashboard.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” I look again at my cell; my eyes can’t believe this is happening. My phone is dead.

Hours have passed still not a single vehicle has crossed this road. Rain has started to pour harder. I can’t sit here the whole night doing nothing.

I get out and lock the car after taking my purse and dead mobile with me. Shielding my eyes with my right hand to avoid the rain and for getting a tad of clear vision I walk ahead.

I move inside the muddy path to the left of the road. It looks like it might lead me to a shop or a house. Half an hour of walk without any result, I feel frustrated, completely soaked to the soul I feel like killing myself now to leave my car. I look around to see some sought of shelter but before the wave of disappoint hit me I find a light at a distance.

I run to the source of light, jumping over the small stones and caring less about the harsh rain stinging my skin. It is a house. It is pretty isolated; hope it is not of some serial killer. I shudder at that thought. I slowly open the Iron Gate, walking over the smooth pebbled garden path I look at the sides. The garden is well kept and fragrances of different flowers intrude my olfactory senses.

I reach the main door; a beautiful lamp shade adorned the wall cream colored. I felt welcomed even before I knocked the door. I relax and raise my hand to knock the door when all of a sudden someone opens it from the other end.


ANGEL, the word pops inside my head written in red bold letters.

Long wavy black hair, deep black eyes lined with kohl, sharp nose, round face, pearly white skin, full lips painted with red, and brows arched as a bow, the slender waist and curvy contours clearly visible through the flowing black nightgown. Devastatingly beautiful.

“Yes, what do want?” she sounds like a song. Am I dead? She snaps her finger in front of my eyes.

“I am sorry madam, my car got damaged on the highway, it is raining and my phone is dead, I thought I could find a help and…” she cuts my verbal diarrhea by lifting her right palm up, signaling me to stop.

“Do come in.” she walks back opening her door wide for me to walk in.

I glance around the room. Dim lights lit the living room and the connecting dining area. Touching music from violin coming from some room, large portraits of paintings semi clad women, mythical beauties and hauntingly beautiful sceneries hung aesthetically. Beaded curtains of pure white and black were separating the entrances to the rooms.

The sound of anklets nearing me from behind made me to turn around.

“Here, take this towel, tee and pajama. You are completely soaked.” She spoke as she handed over the clothes to me.

“You can use the guest room on your right for changing.”

I nod and head towards the room. The welcoming sight of a big comfortable king sized bed with oak colored bed covers, aesthetically done room with portraits of several couples’ intimate poses adorning the walls did nothing to control my urges. I close my eyes. My heart is beating so fast that I feel I will die of some cardiac arrest. I have never ever in my 30 years of existence felt my heart beat so faster by a mere presence of a woman. I sigh to myself. Is she also feeling the same thing?

I need her. I need her badly.

I change into the dry clothes and look at the mirror. Tall six footed broad shouldered guy. Piercing green eyes, sharp nose, rugged jaw lines with hint of stubble along the edges, tanned face with chestnut messed up hair was staring back at me. I smile at my reflection revealing a perfect set of white teeth. I can do it.

I open the door and walk towards the dining area. She walks out of the kitchen with two plates of pan cakes.

“Hey, I am sorry I could only make this in such a short notice.”

“You might be hungry. Take a seat and have something.” She says smiling. My stomach growls in response at the sight of food. Suddenly we both laugh together at it. Her laughter; sounding like music to my ears. I look at her mesmerized. God really has made a perfect woman and kept her safe, I hope I am the one for whom he created this beauty.

“Are you done staring at me?” she quips pulling a nearby chair and sitting gracefully.

“No”. I reply confidently with a smile.

She blushes and looks down for a second.

“I don’t know your name.”

“Amunet, you can call me Amy. What is yours’?

“Jade Wilson. I liked your name, will call you Amunet. What does it mean?”

“Hmmm, it is an Egyptian name. It means mythical goddess of mystery.”

“Beautiful.” I reply to her swallowing the last of the pancake. Just like you.

“You need coffee?”

I need you!

“No, not now, may be after sometime?”

“Okay, I have kept your mobile for charging. My cell charger is compatible with yours.” She replies while grabbing the plates. I too grab the plate almost the same time. Coincidence guys! Not done that on purpose!

Her hand brushes mine and I could feel tingles, sparks like I am touching a woman for the very first time. We both look at each other. Confusion was evident on her face. Had she also felt it? Slowly she pulls the plate away from me and places the plates on the kitchen counter. I stand leaning over the frame of the kitchen watching her every move. She is graceful. She smells of my favorite flowers lavenders.

“You have kept your garden pretty well by the way what is your favorite flower? I ask trying to look innocent.

“Lavenders.” She answers with a smile and coming out with two mugs of coffee.

“I am already full, I don’t want it now.”

“I have some work to finish. Is it okay if I go to the other room? You can either join me or have your coffee in your room.” She offers.

“I will join you.” We enter the room from where the soft sound of violin was coming. It is her study. I sit over the couch and lean back.

“You are tired. Why don’t you sleep? Rain will be over by night. I have called the mechanic for you.” She says sitting near me.

“He will come in the morning and then you can go back to your home.”

I look at her sideways. I don’t want to go!

“Thanks for the help Amunet.”

“Do you stay here alone?”

“Hmmm, so far.”

“No friends or family?

She looks at me straight into my eyes and smiles. I cock my right eyebrow and straighten myself.

“I don’t need anyone Jade, attachment brings pain.”

A comfortable silence engulfs us. I lean back again, thinking about what she must have gone through to have this opinion about family and friends. Will she accept me in her life?

Her soft laughter rings in my ears. I open my eyes to find her hovering over me. Her lustrous, dark, mane flowing along her side, she leans slowly towards my lips. I get up and cross the remaining distance by grabbing her lips into mine and devouring her sweetness. I topple her over and get on top of her. Her dark, black, eyes staring into mine…pierce my soul. “I can’t control my urges around you any more Amunet” I whisper to her while tugging a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Then don’t”. She whispers back.

I plunge myself into the sweetness of her body, running my fingers along her curves, forgetting the place, savoring everything she is offering, feasting her with my eyes and senses. Finally, together we reach heaven, wishing never to be back among the mortals.

Sunshine falls on my eyes. I cringe from the sudden light and try to shield my eyes.

“I am sorry. Did I wake you up?”

I open my eyes to find Amunet in a white off shoulder top and long flowing sky blue skirt. Looking perfect. I look around and find myself lying on the couch with a cream duvet covering me. Wait couch? So yesterday night… was it a dream?

“You slept here itself.”

“I thought you will wake up after sometime but when you didn’t wake even after I finished my work, I covered you with the duvet and went to my room.” She looks at me apologetically.

I feel depressed. So yesterday was a dream. I will make it happen. I will make you mine Amunet.

“Are you okay?” she asks quizzically with her pretty face drawn up worryingly. My expressions must have given away my displeasure.

“Yeah I am fine. It is just that I am not a morning person.” I smile to let her know that I am fine.

“Okay the mechanic is here.”

“Your clothes are all dry. I have put them on the bed in the guest room.” She replies walking to the kitchen I guess.

I get ready and get my wallet and cell. I walk over to the kitchen to find her busy cooking something. I smile at her and the future that I have decided to build with her.

She turns around and hands me a plate of French toast and maple syrup. I finish it standing there, all the time aware of her gaze on me. I smile inwardly. So she does find me attractive.

I look at her catching her eye; she blushes and turns around to place the plate inside.

“I have no words to tell you how much you have helped me Amunet.” I tell her sincerely.

“You have nothing to thank for. I did what anyone else would have done in my place.” She replies, looking lost or is it sadness that I am seeing?

“Amunet, I will come over the next weekend...hope it is okay with you?” I tell her stepping closer to her.

“I hope to change your view of family and friends.”

She smiles and rests her head on the frame of the main door. Suddenly she closes the gap and hugs me tight. I hope this is not a dream! I hug her back tightly, pouring all my love and emotions through it. Love? I love her?

She smiles at me and pushes me towards the mechanic who is looking at us from a distance. I walk away from her, a strange feeling of stabs at my heart. My heart feels lost as if I am leaving a part of mine here. I look back at her from the main gate and give a parting wave. She waves back looking as perfect as ever, the goddess of mystery, the seductress… my Amunet.

One rainy night has changed my life.

I will come back for you.


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    • profile image

      Nikhil Rauniyar 

      2 years ago

      Great story! Ending was great :D I hope for a new part of this

    • akhildev143 profile image

      Akhil Dev 

      7 years ago from India

      good 1 there... i didn't know that we can write stories here... :)

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Hi Jackie, glad to see you here. Thanks for your lovely words.

      have a pleasant day ahead...:)

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Hi shiningirisheyes, I am happy that you enjoyed reading this story, but sorry to tell you this is the end of this story...:)

      Ain't the thrill of unknown future intriguing? ;)

      Have a beautiful day ahead.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      7 years ago from the beautiful south

      An unusual find, very well written. I enjoyed it. ^

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      7 years ago from Upstate, New York

      A fantastic tale and I enjoyed ever word. I hope you plan more chapters.

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Hello Ruby, Thank you so much for your lovely compliment.

      Have a beautiful day..:)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I was glued to my chair. Great story, fun to read..Cheers.

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Hey pretty lady.... great to see u here and happy that you liked this action packed short story. Sadly, this is the end... no 2nd part for this one. Will try to write another action packed story specially for you soon..:)

      Thanks for dropping by... have a wonderful day ahead..:)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow, so much action in one page. I will be back with my tea to read another part to this!

      Kerry :)

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Hello Nell Thank you for your kind words... And i feel so silly for such a blunder.. I missed that word while i did the editing... Still thank yoe eu for pointing out...

      Have a lovely day ahead...

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      7 years ago from England

      Hi, I love your story, one of those things that change someones life, great stuff! Just one thing though, when you say makeup I think you mean make out? okay? voted up!


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