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"One Second After" Book review

Updated on April 18, 2013

This book can become reality

"One Second After" is a fiction book written by William R. Forstchen. But maybe it really isn't fiction. Look at how based our world is on electricity, cars, etc. What would you do without electricity? How would you keep your food cool, how would you cook your food, how would you watch Tv, use your computer? The simple answer - you wouldn't.

This is an excellent book that shows just how much humans would struggle without electricity. It starts with John Matherson, father of two daughters, living in a small town in North Carolina. Everything is fine, until disaster strikes. All of a sudden the loud freeway traffic is unheard of. The toilet won't flush, and the lights wont turn on. Matherson, and everyone else, figure that it is just a common power outage and will be fixed within the hour. What really happens is an EMP or Electo magnetic pulse. An EMP sends out electro-magnetic waves throughout the country, therefore disabling electricity. 

Realizing the power won't turn back on overnight.

Of course, Matherson expects the lights to be back on in the morning, but harsh reality strikes when they aren't working. After thinking more he realizes this is something he was taught about while in the Army. He goes out to find that he can't get much insulin for his daughter, and that she will die from her diabeties in a couple months. Starvation and medication become an issue. The town has to make an army and road blocks to keep travelers out. The strange thing is that old cars work, like from the 1950's and back. The town starts confiscating the cars though, and declares martial law.

Large gangs form that travel from town to town, stealing and burning down the towns. A large one visits Matherson's town and he and the army is forced to keep them out. Just shows what people will do to stay alive.

Final comments

The book is a sad, but riveting story, with a great ending. I'd suggest buying or getting this book from the library. It deserves a read and can really keep you hooked all the way to the end. In total it is 352 pages from start to end.

Total Review 9/10

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Thanks for reading!


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