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One True Dream

Updated on February 23, 2016

This is a love poem that goes out to my love, my best friend, my brown eyed girl and most important my wife. It truly was class from the start. To another 60 years. Here’s to you my love.

A play of light reflected off the skylight

the woman resembles sunbeams as she enters the room

her absolute charm flourishes throughout

the elegance she possesses overwhelms me

she truly is missing from my life

a stranger to no one

she is smooth and doesn’t express it

she inspires my inner youth

her wholesomeness conveys simplicity

love derives faith through vows

her presence is like a rare loving aroma

her reaction is highly favored

she truly is my brown eyed girl

intimacy storms my core

I won her favor as the months passed

my emotions grew stronger

a glorious afternoon back in Eden

this moment was meant to be

she shares her love for me

secretly with grace, adoration and composure

insights she gained from our passion together

hold strong and true my love

we both share the one alluring passion

together forever as one

my dream becomes reality


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