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One more Forever part 3

Updated on January 11, 2012

Rachel held to Jacob tight as the horse ran through the forest. The horse seem tyo know exactly where he was going. Eyes shined from with in the trees, watching their every movement. She wondered how long Jacob had lived in the forest. She only wondered for a moment for her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden impact of something striking her from the side. Rachel was tossed from the horse and before she touched the ground, she felt something slimy grab her by the arm and pull her in to a tree. Screaming, she watched as Jacob pulled hard back on the reins, stopping his horses run, and saw him leap from the horse and run towards her.

"I am coming for you, Rachel. That filthy creature will not take you from me before we have reached our destiny!"

"Hurry please, he is cutting in to my skin!" Rachel fought with everything she had inside of her. "You will not stop me this night, Imp! I am strong again!" Rachel held her hands together and closed her eyes. She whispered the words her mother had taught her and watched the electricity flow from palm to palm. The Imp cried out in pain as the shock carried from Rachel's palms to it's grotesque feet. The smell of hair burning was followed by the odor of skin that had been set afire. Rachel held her breath as the creature loosened it's grip on her. She fell towards the ground, waiting for the impact of hitting the forest floor. She was elated to instead feel the strong arms of Jacob cradle her body in his.

"I told you I was coming, Rachel. I fear that your powers have been seen by the entire forest." Whistling loudly, Jacob turned to look for his horse. The sound of it's hooves striking the earth echoed through the forest. "We will not be stopped again by these foul abominations. Mounting his horse, Rachel still in his arms, he set her in front of him, high on the horses wither. "They will need to go through me to reach you now!" Opening his arms wide for a moment, Rachel was blinded by a bright light coming from Jacob's hands. The light made it appear as daylight in the forest. She could see Imps of all sizes disappearing in to holes in trees and in the ground. They shielded their eyes from the burning light, their hair smoking as they ran for safety.

"What the hell was that!?!?"

"You don't think you are the only one with powers, do you? We are nearing the cabin now. The trees their are friendly and will give us safe passage."

The forest, though still extremely dense with tall Pine and Birch trees, took on a new appearance. The full moon shined through the tree tops, lighting the way to the cabin for Jacob. Trees bowed their huge branches to the ground, giving reverance to the visitors.

"Why do they touch the ground with their branches, Jacob?"

"They are giving reverence to their queen."

Rachel stared back at Jacob, his face so handsome, she felt herself breathe in quickly. His eyes were now as dark as an Onyx stone, their shine, like a mirror she could look in to and that looked back at her. She felt her heart race as she stared at him. "I do not understand, Jacob. Is there a queen in the cabin?"

Jacob's laughter was bold and echoed through the forest. "You sweet young child."

"I am Not a child, Jacob! I am a woman and if you gazed as long as I think you did, while I laid exposed to your eyes, you would know that!!!"

"I did not mean to offend you, Rachel. Forgive me. It suprised me that you did not know."

"Know what, Jacob? Do not toy with me as I have a very low tolerance for games right now."

"My dear, beautiful lady... they bow in reverence to you. You will be their queen one day. A queen powerful enough to chase the Imps to a far land and one day, call this forest your home. But that is all for another day, one more forever in time."

They rode in silence until they reached the cabin. Smoke bellowed out of it's chimney filling the air with the smell of fresh burned pine. A single candle flickered in the window as Rachel pushed the door open. She was startled by a voice summoning her inside.

"Please come in Rachel... we have been waiting for you."

Rachel looked at the woman speaking to her. She was as beautiful as her mother was, with her dark hair and eyes, twinkling colors that went from green to blue and back to green.

"Does everyone in this forest know me? Why do you know me and how did you know I was coming?"

"The forest holds many secrets and powers, dear Rachel. Your mother told us of your coming." Rachel could see two other women standing near the fireplace, each so resembling the other that Rachel was sure they were twins. "We must get you warm and fill you with strength. You will need it before days end tomorrow if we are to save your father."

"How..." Rachel began to ask a question and decided there would be no new answer. "I was hoping you could help me. I didn't know where else to go."

"You are right in where you have come but the night is fading and we must prepare you for battle."

"Battle??? I did not come here to fight with any one. I came here to save my father."

"And save him we will, dear, but... tonight someone will die. We must be sure that it is Not you. Jacob, please take your horse to the shed and hide him. Peering eyes will be watching the cabin."

"Who will die??? You said someone will die tonight! We have to save my father, please."

"It is not your father that will die this night but if you are not ready to fight the evil that comes this evening, then you, dear lady, will die tonight."


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    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      And more smiles for me, Qudsia. Thank you so very much.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Goosebumps yet again, next chapter!

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you again for taking time to read this, Sunnie.

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 

      6 years ago

      I love all the wonderful pictures you paint with your words. The story is getting more mysterious..I am heading to chapter 4. Excellent work!

      Take care,


    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you for saying that, KB. It means a lot to me. Psssttttttttt, you reallyyyyyyyy should own a few of my novels. lol HUGSSSSSSSSS. Always, Darrel

    • K-B profile image


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Your writing is wonderful D. Keep up the great work.

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      you are truly too kind, Becky and i thank you for your time and words. I am trying so hard to gety my 5 novels out reached so that sales increase. I truly need that this year I think to find the encouragement to go on writing. It does help me to see such words as yours. Thank you agasin, Always, Darrel

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      This is really getting tense. Excellent story.


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