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One more revolution

Updated on June 9, 2011

One more revolution
awaits us all
deciding whether
we stand or crawl

Crawl through the dust
on our hands and knees
fully chained
never to be freed

Crawl for those few
self appointed fools
who make life impossible
with their binding rules

Deception conspiracies
and whatever more
used against us
in this war

This war against
to enslave us all
for eternity

Enslavement tools
like never before
technology is
what lays at the core

The micro chip
a tiny thing
promoted as harmless
but it’s not what you think

For once implanted
you’re no longer your own
for you have just given
total control

Control to those
self appointed fools
who make us all prisoners
with their modern day tools

The FEMA camps
nicely installed
for when it is time
that they take control

One more revolution
awaits us all
one that decides
if we stand or fall

Please be aware
and realize
that the stakes are high
it’s about our life’s



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