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Go to the World and Multiply: Other Viewpoint

Updated on January 12, 2016

Dear Lord,

It is my pleasure to experience the serenity of Your place, here in St. Benedict Monastery. I might have other reasons of coming here, selfish reasons but you revealed to me your great purpose.

The past days and weeks, I have been down, insecure and demotivated because of my job. I really never thought I could feel these things again. But I did. At first, I somehow told myself that why others had such talents and skills better than mine. Why you blesses him with those gifts which I wanted. it is kinda sad.

However, now I realized that I should not feel that way because I also have something special which I must share to others. As you said, "Go to the world and multiply. Maybe its usual meaning or interpretation is to have lots of offspring but for me now, it has another beautiful and meaningful connotation, that is, go to the world and show your talent, infect others to do the same, influence others to share their special gifts as well. So the insecurity that I felt was not for me to be down but an invitation for me to discover what I've got and to push myself to display and unleash to the world for Your greater glory.


Gladly yours,

Beauty me Jason


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