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One of the best books I read recently

Updated on July 27, 2016

A friend told me about a short, but a good book she found on Amazon lately. She has a hobby buying non famous authors because sometimes you can find better content than in some big books. So she told me that I will enjoy reading this one because in few pages you can find deep, strong, beautiful quotes about love, life, happiness and fears.

So I logged in Amazon and I paid for Kindle version of this book and she was right. In few simple words I have found deeps thoughts.

And this one of my favourite quotes from this book:

" The life next to you is like a roller-coaster. One day is warm, the next one is cold, one day is peaceful and the next one is full of worries and agitated. But exactly due to this I have chosen to stay next to you- because you make me feel the meaning of life, that I am alive and I love. Until I have met you my life was tasteless and boring. With you I feel all the flavors of the life, I experience every moments someone can have in life, experiences I only imagined before or I never even thought about."

If there is anyone who wants to read this book you can find it on Amazon for just 3$. Follow this link here to go on Amzon: TEARS OF LOVE


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