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One thing

Updated on March 5, 2017


In her eyes there was something,
That made me realise what I lacked, the one thing,
Only she could get me, what I desired,
For her love, my brain got hardwired,

The simple things she said, the simple things she did,
Made my heart, forever in her favour bid,
On seeing her butterflies in my gut would fly,
My heart to tear apart from my chest would try,

So I sit here, counting every passing moment,
With her absence I lie in an eternal torment,
Now I lay awake at night,
Wishing that for just once more I could see her sight,

Of her love, in my heart blossomed a flower,
I failed to resist, even trying with all my power,
I don't know for what is that my eyes had wept,
What is hidden inside her mind she has kept,

Her smile makes all my defences wind,
Her eyes, me to her bind,
So please girl get out, get out of my mind,
And come in my life, for all I lacked was a girl of your kind....


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