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5 Must-have Picture Books

Updated on March 13, 2017
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Sheila wrote a series of picture books about a quizzical lizard named Mr. Ses! She loves to share moving children's stories with you!

I Love The Cat in the Hat!
I Love The Cat in the Hat! | Source

The Cat Is Surely in the Hat

What child does not know the Dr. Seuss' storybooks? They were a delight back then and his stories are still putting smiles on children's faces today. I was pleasantly surprised to see "The Cat in The Hat" translated into French. The French version is dramatically funnier than its English counterpart, "Le Chat Au Chapeau." As I read this book often to my daughter back then, now I am pleased to read it to my granddaughters today!

The naughty cat puts on a dramatic show that baffles the children, and then he cleans up his act right before mom comes home. A little fish is cautious and reminds the kids to listen to their Mom. This is a great lesson in obedience!

'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr. Seuss is a delightful children's book formulated to inspire young readers to read on their own. The words are basic and easy to sound, once kids know the alphabet along with a few basic rules of grammar.

The awesome scene takes place in the home of two naughty children with a brother, and sister named Sally. They had nothing to do because it was raining on a chilly, windy day. It was too wet to go out and in addition too cold to play ball. So, all they could quietly do is sit, sit and sit all day. Suddenly, a loud thump goes bump; which startles their fish and the children look on in amazement.

An unusual cat with a funny looking top hat, steps to their house uninvited, and unexpected. He boldly enters with a huge smile from ear to ear, while their mom is out shopping. The inquisitive cat elegantly walks through their house and bluntly invites the kids to play a good game. He is itching to illustrate his excellent tricks.

Though their middle-aged fish warns the siblings about the cat's dirty tricks, they refuse to get rid of the grubby cat in the hat. The smart and grown-up little fish nags the children until he is blue in the face about playing silly games in the house while their mother is out. Though the kids refuse to take note, like countless kids on average sometimes do, it's refreshing to hear an adult voice within a kid's storybook ingraining reason into children’s developing minds.

The terrible cat in the hat puts on a spectacular show for them. He makes a shocking mess in the residence and crafts mayhem for the poor fish he reckons is a toy thing for his dire scams. The cat stands with one foot hopping on a ball while holding a milk bottle on a dish. He fans a red fan with his lengthy tail while playing up, up, up with the fish. Finally, everything smashes on the floor; the cat lands on his head, and the fish falls into a pot.

The little fish complains and the cat shows them another good game he knows. He runs out and comes back with a huge red wooden box that houses his things, Thing 1 and Thing 2. The 'Things' have blue hair and love to fly their kites in the house. The boy begins to feel uneasy as the Things thump and bump into the walls. The lofty fish sees their mother coming home, and warns the children. The boy catches the cat's lively Things and orders it to pack up his toys and leave at once.

As mother walks in, the cat runs off with a playful tip of his hat. She never notices the cat. The children are then left to contemplate whether they'll ever tell their mom about the exciting incidents that happened while she was out.

Children learn a pleasant lesson in common sense in an entertaining style. As young readers read; they're left to decide whether they'll answer the open-ended question posed at the end of this charming book.

The Critter of Mercer Mayer

Children's story book author Mercer Mayer is well known for over 300 picture books with "The Critter" being one of his most popular works. A little critter tries to do everything for his mom, except, all his endeavors forever turn out wrong. He also tries to wash the dishes and every one falls on the floor. He carries grocery bags for his mom and the bags break. He mops the floor and soap bubbles land everywhere. He wants to set the table for dinner, but is distracted by a program on the TV. Finally, he gives his mom a huge kiss, and says he did it all just for her.

'The Critter' is an adorable story for children. The words eloquently rhyme and the narrative is an easy read for children in the early grades. Children forever desire to please their parents and they often innocently make a mess of things. A grand message is shared in this book as it teaches children about the meaning of love.

Parents genuinely thirst for the love of their children! What better way to gently teach kids' about love then in simple storybooks that are read over and over again.

I love reading story books!
I love reading story books!

An Alligator Is in the Garage

Another favorite of Mercer Mayer is 'There's an Alligator Under My Bed'.I hope the boy’s dad never discovers the alligator that is lurking in the family garage. This is after the alligator has been driven to eat with vegetables and enticed to leave the child's bed!

Mercer Mayer powerfully recites an alligator story he has vividly written and illustrated in an intensely dramatic tone, highly entertaining below.

Alligator Bait Lured the Fierce Alligator Away

The Best of Preschool

Another favorite among preschoolers is "The Ugly Duckling" created by Hans Christian Anderson in the 1800s. It's a moving story regarding a beautiful swan who finally realizes it is not an unsightly duckling. After meeting friends who make fun of him the swan feels odd. But then, he recovers quickly from an inferiority complex when he grows into a striking swan. He was not a common old duck!

Children learn to embrace their uniqueness and individuality with 'The Ugly Duckling'. They innocently and gently realize how unproductive it is to compare themselves to others.

The 'Mister Ses' Series of Kids' Books by Sheila Craan

Sheila Craan has eloquently produced three children's books regarding a little lizard, named Mister Ses that takes youngsters on an intuitive escapade in a lovely town.

The talking lizard is first found in a girl's bathroom faucet in 'I Found a Ses in My Faucet'. After that, it manages to attend the prestigious Stockville Elementary Academy when a boy called Lesley has found him in a schoolyard while playing ball.

Lesley sneaks Mr. Ses into class and he grows enormous when he is given beefy sandwiches with coconut macaroons to eat every day. They both become sculpt students!

Mr. Ses leads the way for each student to study smart and get excellent grades. Below is the book video of 'Mister Ses Attends Stockville Elementary Academy', which is the second book in the series.

Brothers Grimm

One of my other favorite children's story books while growing up was "Rumpelstiltskin" by Brothers Grimm created in the 1800s, as well. I read this lovely book along with an old record player that played the Rumpelstiltskin song.

A few years later after I learned to crochet sweaters and scarves, before turning eleven, I associated my yarn to the straws of Miller's daughter Anna that were spun into gold. Such an association was a delight for me back then! This narrative has remained a classic in my family for many decades. I am happy to see it remains a favorite of children today.

Every child deserves the best life has to offer!
Every child deserves the best life has to offer!

When Parents Are Involved Children Learn More

Reading sets the foundation for a child’s education! And what better way to build up a child than for parents to read children's stories straight from an early age.

Your favorite kids' story books may be slightly different from these, except; mostly all child story readings are beneficial, especially when parents are involved. Reading builds trust between parents and children, and it knits them closer together.

Bible Reading

I believe reading Bible stories with children is a great foundation for kids. It teaches youngsters to rely on God who cares and loves them tremendously. Besides receiving the love of their parents they have an awesome God looking out for them too, especially when they get into a fickle.

God says when you teach a child at a young age, when he is old he will not depart from what he has learned. Children will gain wisdom and discernment that will last a life time when they become hooked on reading Bible stories.

© 2011 Sheila Craan


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