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Online Writing And Money For Anyone

Updated on December 7, 2015



Writing is and always has been massively popular to humankind. The very power of words is amazing. Right back to the first clay tablets written on too scrolls right up to books, words have been the way thoughts and ideas have been put into the minds of the collected. Of course there was always the oral tradition, which we still have today with video, film and lectures. But words have not left us, but now most people read them off a digital computer screen and write on one. It is this digital world which has opened up the doors for writers. At one time someone with a talent for writing, might not get their work out their due to not knowing the right contacts. Today the digital world of the internet offers you a chance to get your work out their yourself, promote it yourself and basically do it yourself. And the Internet now really does offer many opportunities for writers to do all kinds of jobs for money, and you don't have to be a professional writer either.

Rev Share

Rev share is one way to earn some money online, but it is no easy task. Rev share writing sites have been around for a while now, and from what I can tell so far there is only really room for a few. There is the bigger sites such as Hubpages and InfoBarrel, an I would have put Squidoo on this list before they merged with Hubpages. These sites seem to be a safe bet in the rev share writing world, they are popular, professionally put together and seem to be accepted by Google. As it is in life, any good idea will be copied but often the copied versions are just not as good. Many rev share sites have now come and gone, in the fight to make it. Some sites seemed great like Bubblews, only to break down and turn rubbish.

I won't name all the sites which have crashed, become not worth it or just stopped paying out altogether in the last few years but there are many. Rev share writing is not the highest earning opportunity out their for most, but it is a earner and something you can put your own unique twist on. It takes time but sites like Hubpages and InfoBarrel are here for a while yet, so time you have. Plus it can be great for marketing and promoting blogs, this is where they really come in handy. I have heard there is people earning thousands a month out of Hubpages, it may have taken them a couple of solid years to do this, but they did it by sticking it out and working hard.

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Make Money Online Writing

Other Ways

Content Mills are another way to make some money, and can be very lucrative. I believe some people in the world, have made a full time job out of these kinds of sites. Basically these sites put you in touch with people who need articles written, and you do the articles for a fee. The good thing about these sites is that you can make connections and secure future work. Product review websites are another little earner online. These used to be every where, but seem to be dropping off slowly. Even so there are still a couple of good sites out their, and one of them is ReviewStream. This site has been going for years now and is liked by some and not by others. They offer to buy your articles off you, how much for depends on your article quality. Ciao is another one of these sites, only this one is for Europe only. Its a great community and a place you can actually earn a little. Then there is the old time classic slicethepie, get paid to review songs. Its low paying but a bit of fun and a little profit in Paypal.


If your someone who wants to give fiction a go, then there is loads for you too. Despite the fact you can use blogs and rev share sites to promote your fiction if you wish, there are other opportunities out their. Like online fiction mags. I was surprised to see just how many of these are out their, there is a massive list of these types of sites. Best thing about them too, is that most of them pay. I can tell you that payment with these sites is very different on each different site. Most pay you into Paypal, but they pay very different rates. I suppose it comes down to how big and popular the site is, I have seen some pay low and some pay high. So it is worth doing your research before deciding to send a story to one of these sites. Clarksworld is a great fiction mag worth taking a look at. They have a good rate of pay, and best of all some writers they offer a 100 story contract. You write a hundred stories and they pay you for it, a good start for any aspiring online writer.

Clarksworld does accept flash fiction which is under 1000 words, but is mostly after short stories about 7000 words long. Most of these sites usually want one or the other but sometimes both.

Or if you want to write for yourself then it has never been so easy to publish your own book. Through CreateSpace and other site like it, it is now a very easy task to develop your book independently, it will then be your job to promote and market and get your book out to the world.

There really is a host of ways to make money writing online, and all this here is just the tip of the ice berg and the things anyone can give a go. There are much more higher paying ways to earn if you think you are professional enough. For now whether it is fiction or non, the internet is the place people can share their ideas and perspective through their creative writing and share it with the world. And now it is easier than ever.

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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      thanks for the comment, yes createspace is worth a look

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      thanks for the comment, yes createspace is worth a look

    • yecall profile image


      2 years ago from California

      Thank you for this article. You are right, we should consider giving createspace a try. You never know how it might go if you do well with that one. I have myself never tried Createspace but now I very well might.


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