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Online Writing Opportunities

Updated on October 26, 2016
My profile on Freelancer
My profile on Freelancer | Source

Freelance Writing Platforms

You can findjust about any type of writing job on freelance platforms. On this type of site, you search for jobs and submit a bid to the jobs that you are interested in. You can either work hourly or get paid a fixed amount of money for th job, depending on the job you apply for. If your bid is accepted, then you must complete the job, and then you will get paid when you have finished.

It is sometimes hard for new writers to get their first job on these type of sites. To be more likely to have your bid accepted, you should be persistent, fill out your profile completely, include a picture of yourself or your company logo, and upload many files to your portfolio on the site. You also have the option to take tests to boost your bid, but I don't recommend doing this because the tests cost money, and there is no garentee that you will be able to pass them with a good score. Even if you do, you may or may not get jobs.

Here are some freelance writing platforms that you may want to try:

Write for a Blog

You can make money by writing posts for other people's blogs, and many will let you include a short bio and a link back to your website. Most of these sites have strict guidelines that you must follow, and you only get paid if your work is accepted. Remember since it is their blog, you will have to write in their niche. There are several blogs that accept submissions for topics such as parenting, writing, and personal finance.

Here are some blogs that you can write for:

picture of the earth that I made for my blog
picture of the earth that I made for my blog | Source

Start Your Own Blog

One of my favorite ways to make money writing online is blogging. I have my own design and illustration blog called Layertivity. I like writing on my blog because I can write about what I am interested in and things that I would like to learn about. Simply writing an in depth post on my blog allows me to better understand the subject matter and therefore to improve my skills.

I started my blog for free using blogger. If you choose to start your blog for free, you can later switch to a payed plan if you choose to do so. Payed plans allow for a custom domain name, more freedom writing and designing your blog, and more potential to make money from your blog.

In addition to Blogger, here is a list of options you may want to consider when choosing a platform for your blog. For more information on how to start a blog for free, please refer to my other hub, How to Start a Blog For Free.

Job Boards

Job boards are another way you can find work online as a writer. You can search for jobs that meet a certain criteria, or browses for jobs by category. Working online using a job board gives you more writing experiece, helps you to build your portfolio, is a great way to earn additional income, and is much more flexible than working a regular day job.

Here are some job boards that you should be aware of:

Humor Writing

Are you funny? If you like to tell jokes, you may also be good at humor writing. Humor writing is when you write your article, story, or comic in a funny way, to entertain your readers. There are a few sites online that specialize in humor. Here are some of them.

Write Greeting Cards

Greeting card companies are always looking for writers to write for their cards. This is one way you can get payed and not have to write much, since the text on greeting cards is always short. Depending on the company you submit to, what you write for the greeting cards may be sweet, sentimental, or humorous.

Here are some greeting card companies that are always looking for submissions.

Make a List of Things

There are a few sites that will pay you to make a list of the top 10 of things. You have to follow guidelines such as being over 1,200 words, citing sources, and using correct formatting. You will have to register for an account first. Do a search first to make sure that no one on the site has already done what you are thinking about doing. Then write your list of ten things and include pictures. If your list is accepted and published, you get paid.

Here are some sites that you can get paid for making a list.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Revenue Sharing Sites

With revenue sharing sites, you write and post articles on the site, and then you get a percentage of the revenue that they earn from your content, based on the traffic or clicks that your articles get. If you list related items from Amazon on your articles, you can get a small percentage of that items sales as well. Some of these revenue sharing sites offer base pay as well.

Here is a list of revenue sharing sites that you may want to try:

Short Stories or Tips

You can submit stories or helpful tips to magazines or other publications. Some even accept jokes or poetry. However, you will only get paid for your work if it is accepted and published in the magazine that you submit it to. Also, magazines are generally niche based, so you will be limited to writing about specific topics.

Here are some magazines that are always looking for new content:


If you can cook, you may consider writing your own recipes that you created and submitting them to cook books or recipe sites. Recipes are generally easy to write as long as you remember what you put into the food you cook.

Here are some places you can submit your recipe. Some of these pay a flat fee per recipe accepted, and some are revenue sharing.

What is the most effective way to make money online as a writer?

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How to You Make Money Writing Online?

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