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What Is a Online Researcher

Updated on May 11, 2017

What Does a Online Research Worker Do?

Because of the fierce completion that exist: Online Researchers are ranking high on the list for working from home opportunities. Every company has their own marketing strategy They are in need of a better understanding of what customers are actually thinking about when they purchase their products or services.

Research workers are chosen on a location based setting. Meaning you will target how your area of shopping or service is being liked or if people are interested . Companies market this way to gain a better understanding of the customers’ insights. In turn you will be offered a salary to do online Research work.

If the companies you decide to do online research for is a legitimate company, you will not be asked to pay to participate in any study, this is how you make money by participating in the study.

I want try to sell you a get rich overnight work from home idea, but I will say this can be your second income.

Participation in online research work is not hard you just need to get into the right companies. There is also research companies that want your opinion, you can register with them also and participate in studies. If you are paying attention I said “there is work for online research survey participants and then I said online opinion giving work”. There is a difference.

As a researcher you will be asked to research websites, products, games and services. You are required to type a report about what you think or your experience of the product and or service. Most of the work you do will require a computer this is work from home job.

The other part to online research work is the participation in focus groups: this is where giving your opinion pays. Your pay is based on viewing presentations and submitting reports to the groups the way they specify. Most of these will take you about thirty minutes to complete from beginning to end. If the report is longer than expected then of course you will earn more money.

Duties You Will Perform as an Online Researcher

Your projects will be done with you working directly with each company online evaluating, whatever was assigned to you. You aren’t and will not be required to come up with your own reports each company will provide you with all the forms, details and instructions. This includes what they are looking for and also the layout of the report. Don’t get scared, I promise Word can help you out so much with that. Once your report has been turned in, you will get paid the amount you agreed on with each company.

PayPal Is How I Get Paid

We have moved into an era of big changes in technology and most companies you will work for will want you to have a Paypal account set up. Some companies I am involved with have given me the option to have Direct Deposit. I want recommend mail for two reasons “one it takes too long to get to you”! And two “it takes time for it to be available for withdrawal”! That’s just my opinion.

Many companies will pay immediately after you complete your assignment and then there are those companies who have pay periods, they pay every other week. But if you participate in more than one project you can be sure to see a steady stream from each company you are working with.

Just a heads up, while working for some of these companies the requirements are a little different than what is mentioned above. Some companies want you to reach a certain amount to start the process of distributing payments to you. At first I did not understand this practice but it really makes sense if you think about it: I did say this is not a get rich overnight plan, before I make this comment. To send $5-$10, every time you finish a project. But know you can earn over $300 per day. This is real talk.

When I Started This

My email was flooded with offers because I was just applying to a lot of companies. All I knew is I needed get some money, that is the truth. I began to get frustrated because of the constant notifications from companies “I had applied too”. But I said that to say the work does come in and be ready to be amazed once you find the companies that want you to work for. As with any online job you accept please be mindful, this is a business and you must conduct yourself in a professional manner even when it comes to working from home. Complete your assignments!

I can make money with companies that want me put the research online in written data. This is in addition to participating in studies, surveys, focus groups and studies.

Just for you speaking your mind you get paid, sweet.

I have applied to a lot of these companies but I have not begun to scratch the surface. I can’t even explain or really give a number on how many companies who want to hire researchers. Focus groups are plentiful.


While I was feeling my way around this new found income, I found that some of the companies was willing to offer prize drawings with the projects. This is what they use to attract workers, they need us badly. If you apply to your specific area you will do very good, If you must research the company, d

o so before you submit a report with information you aren’t sure about. This way you establish an honest relationship between you and the companies you are researching for and participating in survey on their behalf.

Getting Off To a Running Start

Don’t do too much; don’t look for this to get rich quick.

These companies are free to sign up for or join. If you accept an assignment and you for some reason can’t continue. Please contact your contractor. The project still has to be completed and being a responsible person that you are, need to communicate this to the person who is waiting for your work.

Take the time to research the companies that you find. Even though you may be strapped for cash, don’t accept any company without reading the fine print for your service you will be providing.

A look at the Projects I’ve participated In

Well, I found survey's dealing with what I watched on television the previous night and I was able to enter into contest and sweepstakes from this contractor. Then I was asked to participate in a forum about children and the excessive use of cell phones. That was cool because I had first hand information to provide because I’m the mother to some thirsty cell phone users. (I think that phrase was used in the right context). So! In this case, my being a mother really paid off.

Then there is this company that sends me sample products and in return I send my opinion to them about the performance. Telling someone about their products and getting paid to tell you if it's crap or not literally. Who am I to complain about a sweet deal like this?


If you really, really want to get started doing online research work, start your search in a search engine. Type in the words I used "Free Survey's".


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