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I've Survived You

Updated on May 18, 2015

I was that panic button you hit
when you were alone and forgotten
when your days were growing shorter
and my faith in you was stronger

I was your original sin incarnate
when you needed to clear your soul
when you were immoral and out of control
and I was there to make you whole
I have been an intervention
when you fell into the void
when you couldn't leap out on our own
I was your stepping stone
I was the one the only
the immortal the strong
your voice and hope

your present and your future

your painful past was engulfed in me
and I was the basin that held it all
I've been the one
that you could always count on
My name was always
on your god's list of references
I had nothing
but the best to say
through the tears and the pain
I have been brave,
for you I carried your burden
your guilt and shame
I held my head high
and I will always say proud
that I did survive


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