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Open: Andre Agassi autobiography

Updated on May 29, 2011
Andre Agassi playing tennis
Andre Agassi playing tennis

I've just finished reading Open, the Andre Agassi autobiography and would highly recommend it.

As a tennis player and an Agassi fan from a young age, this book appealed to me instantly. However as I read stated reading, it became clear that this is an autobiography which should not be considered exclusively by Agassi fans or even people with a strong interest in tennis. It should be on everyone’s reading list.

From very early on it becomes clear that Agassi had a constant battle within himself around his hate of tennis and his need to please. In a quick paced fashion Agassi’s life story from a young age is laid before you in clear detail and his contradictions are highlighted. From his earliest loss on the tennis court, to finally winning his first slam and his greatest win ever – the heart of his wife Steffi Graf, you feel like you are there for the ups and many downs.

This book holds a number of subtle life lessons, and most will hopefully make you consider what truly makes you feel happy and fulfilled in your life.


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