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Operation Change The World (Ghayara Al Kalam) | Chap 3 pt 2

Updated on January 21, 2011

Operation Rising Waters

30 September 2010, Tabriz University Center for Excellence Natural Sciences, Iran – Dr Shamira Palahvi turned to Col Bakeri and said, “As you know Colonel, the difficulty in weaponization of a zoonotic virus is in finding a way to vector the RNA. The ribo-nucleic acid must be sustained by a host, and the host must transmit body ‘particulates’ like saliva, sweat, blood, feces, urine etc that the target must touch and induce in to their system generally by mouth. It’s not a very efficient method since in most cases the virus kills the host before it can be transmitted.”

Col Bakeri was becoming impatient since he was taught all of this during his Basic Operative Course in Al Quds. He spent over 18 months at several of Iran’s best University Study Centers, learning the basics of some rather advanced thought on chemistry, biology, medicine, and physics, not to mention English, Spanish, Arabic and Pashtun simultaneously.  He knew the doctors need to review such fundamental information was fueled by the lack of knowledge of what Al Quds operatives actually did during operations, most people think super soldier, a lot of physical training, hand to hand combat, or shooting. What they failed to consider is none of these are what makes Al Quds what they are. People like the doctor do not know it is the mind of an Al Quds or any special operator for that matter, that make them ‘special’. What every operative knows is knowledge is power, and a force multiplier, and Special Forces are some of the most educated soldiers, because it is the nature of your mission to make something out of nothing with whatever tools you can find.

Bakeri interrupted; “And from your report, I am given to understand you have overcome this issue. I read that you have a way to vector a virus, or any RNA you stated, that may well be as much as 40 – 60% efficient. Please explain that to me Doctor.”

Dr Palahvi hesitated, she was not used to being interrupted, as she was the Department Head of The Center of Excellence of the University of Tabriz for Natural Sciences. Students did not interrupt her, Professors did not interrupt her, and even the University Chancellor would not interrupt her when she was talking about her professional specialty! This break through was a result of multi disciplined team working under her direction, a team of Persian men, working for a Persian woman. She had dealt with all of the stereo types and prejudices of Islam, Shahira, and Iranian society, and only through her professional excellence, with all the cultural obstacles, when she would speak she would not be interrupted!

Who was this Colonel? She knew he was the Director of Al Quds at Tabriz, a recruiter that took some of her best graduates for Allah knows what kind of work, when they could have been researching science solutions to some of Irans’ biggest problems. Then to top it all off they direct this research in weaponization instead of eradication of these diseases. It will be the elimination of these diseases that will make Iran a great power, not the transmission. Her work had started on that thesis and the intent of this process was to find and transmit en mass a vaccination, or a genetic cure for such scourges. Al Quds funding had hijacked her work for the exact opposite of what it was intended for, and she did not like that but since she was a good citizen, and a true believer of the Qumran, (all praise be to Allah) she focused her energy and did her duty. Now this, this MAN is interrupting her. Still he had read her report apparently, (most outside the field just read the intro and conclusions, skipping all the ‘boring’ details that make it science instead of science-fiction. She would see what he knows.

“Yes it is a break through in the lipid, allowing an extended gestation and transmission with fewer environmental restrictions.” She replied.

“So does it work with both arenavirusres, and filiviruses?” He asked, "You didn’t mention bunyaviruses, and flaviviruses in your report do you see a problem with either of them?”

Dr Palahvi was impressed, “ Yes it will work with both arena and the filiviruses, as you may know the lipid is a bit different on bunya and flavi and we haven’t had time to wok with them yet but your request was for I believe the Marburg variant?” Dr Palahvi was back to professional; an interesting man this Colonel.

“Yes, so tell me exactly how this works and what operational restrictions we are likely to encounter.”

“Look here at these pictures Colonel. In the first you can see the virus in its natural state, the dark colored ones have consumed their lipid and are ready to reproduce, the lighter colored ones are still in lipid,”


She continued, “In this electron microscopy photo you can see just to the right of center our derivative, and its bio polymer lipid just to its right that it has shed like a moth sheds it’s cocoon,”


“The break through here is in the coating, it protects the RNA and sustains it through less than gestation temperatures. It no longer needs a living host, it can be transmitted any way you care to, so long as it is kept at temperatures less than 35C, it will live indefinitely.”

Colonel Bakeri asked “Indefinitely?”

“Yes indefinitely, Colonel” she paused “This of course creates problems of its own in handling and transporting to virus. The casualty rate would be 70-90% if it is deployed.”

“These are problems I think can be solved in fairly short order Doctor. How soon can you have 30 half liter, water suspensions at 2500 parts per million concentrate, and quarter liter 60 di hydrotroxcitin suspensions in aerosol format.?” Colonel Bakeri began to pull his cell phone out of his pocket.

“ Six days Colonel, we already have enough RNA on hand so it’s just a matter of treating it and packaging it as you requested.”

The Colonel raised his hand to stop her indicating he had connected on the phone, “Sergeant Major, get me 8 seats and an extra 100 kilos space on Flight 744, yes all the way to Caracas Sergeant Major. Have Lieutenants Gonzales and Shemilish in my office in 20 minutes, I’m on my way back.”

Colonel Bakeri turned to Dr Palahvi and said, “I apologize for interrupting you, but space is extremely limited on that flight and my Sergeant Major will have to work very hard to get me the space I need, any delay would have had him very upset with me. Thank you for all of your hard work Doctor, you and your team are to be commended, I understand your specialty is actually prophalixis methodology in disease viral disease.” He smiled and added, “Do you think this research or this process may help you in that arena?”

“Thank You Colonel” She smiled back at the Colonel, “I don’t see how at the moment; it all is the opposite of what I have been working on before this project, I have been trying to eradicate these diseases not proliferate them.”

“It seems to me Doctor if you could find a way to make our body encapsulate the virus in a similar way and sustain it at body temperatures you might have something here.” He turned to leave and said over his shoulder, “Keep looking, if you’d ever like to discuss it please give me a call, you have my number.”


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    • Hmrjmr1 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Thanks Dusty have a great day.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Hammer, good job, looking forward to see how it plays out, dust.

    • Hmrjmr1 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      POP and Gus - Much Much Thanks

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 

      7 years ago from USA

      Big John (HammerJammer) - A very gripping tale, well written and riveting. Maybe I like it so much because I am way into "bugs" and the like, but I believe that the most uninitiated in "that area" will also become highly engaged. Great work! Thanks for letting us see your progress with it.

      Gus :-)))

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 years ago

      Thumbs up, Hmr. I am enjoying this.


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