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Optional Oppression

Updated on June 10, 2012

Strong black woman, hold your head high, close your eyes and embrace the cry of our long lost sistas who lived their lives as slaves, but still managed to keep their faith. Feel the pain that has nurtured the minds of so many pure innocent souls who's brains have been washed away and mentalities set to accept anything that sounds good failing to realize that there is such thing as false reality.

Taste the bitter salt that this land pours out to our people each and every day. What does it take? This song I sing is not my own, but the lyrics from the hearts and souls of anyone who wakes each day to move beyond, who knows that God can, He has and He will. No time for excuses your life is in your own hands, your destiny is within your will.

No one to blame, can't always say that it happened to you because of her or him, or the system failed once again. Resource your wants and take steps towards the win, continuing to fail over and over again. To be free, to be bound, soaring eagle, shackled down. Walking bare foot hundreds of miles, search for your glass slipper and one day it will be found. Love it or leave, make it your own, that's life until you're called home.

Copyright 2011. M Woodson-Ursery


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