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Orange Fresca: A Haiku & How to Write Haiku

Updated on May 30, 2012

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The Haiku

Dealing with tech support,
Murder not far from my mind,
Orange Frecsa saves him.

The Story

20 hours into working on a laptop and consulting with tech support periodically, committing Harry Caray isn't far from my mind as the haiku says. So, I take a break to get a drink. I wanted something fizzy but substantial. So I combine extra pulpy orange juice with a can of peach Fresca. That didn't do much until I thought of the haiku. It was very calming to say the least.

Understand Haiku Mechanics

It is important to remember that Japanese haiku and the English haiku have a few key differences. In Japanese, the haiku is composed of 17 sound units broken into three parts: the first with five units, the second with seven, and the final with five again. Since Japanese sound units are a lot shorter than English syllables, following the Japanese examples result in much longer poems. Japanese write their haiku in a single line so they can see all the parts of a Haiku while in English each part is given its own line. This allows you to clearly visualize the poem in your mind before your eyes move to the next line in it. The line breaks also act as a type of punctuation with commas added to the end of the first couple lines as additional punctuation if you wish. A period at the end of the final line completes the Haiku.

The Japanese language has a word or idea called kigo, which represents seasons and is a vital part of the Japanese haiku since seasons are a vital part of Japanese culture. English haiku writers often ignore this concept primarily because is not well understood, but also because it doesn't fit with the writer's intent. Therefore, a great number of English haiku don't have a season word and yet are loosely considered to be haiku.

How to Write an English Haiku

For the sake of simplicity English Haiku is written like this:

5 syllables,
7 syllables,
5 syllables.

The middle segment usually should feel incomplete when read by itself, while the first and last segments should feel almost like complete thoughts by themselves.


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    • ibbarkingmad profile image

      Brian 6 years ago from Utah

      I also love ginger ale and fresh squeezed orange juice as well.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I both like and sympathize with your Haiu. Actually,the idea of orange juice and Fresca (regular Fresca) sounds pretty good to me. Pineapple or grapefruit juice combined with an equal amount of 7Up is pretty good too.

      I was never any good at Haiku, but I will give in another try while drinking Orange Fresca. :)