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Organic Beauty of Self

Updated on June 7, 2015

Change perspective, not yourself.

I have came to the realization in life, that the past is in the past, and does not go there from the present. Past mishaps define you, and are what still control your personal evolution. Adversity is bound to occur. Resilience is character defining. Who you were, created who you are. Strength is achieved through enduring hardship, not kind words of encouragement. Realism isn't an attitude, it is a product of experience.

Embrace your individual uniqueness with humble repose. Normalcy and conformity are boring. An innate, eclectic personification, magnifies ones individual appeal. Being perceived as weird, or strange, renders the observer void of personal depth, and introspective capacity. Creative thinking, and outside the box mentalities are a rarity. Continue exercising your talents and abilities. Think of us what you will, but bear in mind that the actual representation of an individual is unknown, until you get past his, or her exterior layer. I have found that behind surface beauty, often lies ugliness and deceit. And for some; aggregate first impressions hide immaculateness of inner quality and inner beauty. In layman terms: at least open the book, and read the dedications and introduction, before you pass judgement on it's content.


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