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Organizing Your Freelance Writing Desktop

Updated on February 9, 2013
My desktop with my folders organized. I get a lot more writing done now.
My desktop with my folders organized. I get a lot more writing done now.

How to Organize Your Desktop So You Get More Freelance Writing Completed

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn when I decided to write full-time was that I had to seperate what I considered my "fun stuff" from my work stuff. Otherwise I kept getting distracted by the the "fun stuff" and I didn't get much work done. Not getting work done meant that bills weren't getting paid, a very bad thing when you're freelancing.

One of the ways that I did this was to reorganize my desktop. When I began I had a jumble of folders and documents that represented a collage of personal entertainment things and then my work stuff. So the first thing I did was made folders for everything and then began putting everything into the appropriate folders.

The second step I took was to move the entertainment folders to the left side of my desktop and my work folders to the right side. With everything put away in its own folder and the folders seperated there was no more sorting through icons on my desktop trying to find documents I'd been working on and wanted to finish. Everything had its own place and the entertainment and personal stuff was no longer mixed up with my work items.

Of course getting your desktop organized is really only the first step to organizing your computer so you can get more writing done. If you have documents elsewhere such as in your My Documents folder, you may want to consider moving those items to your desktop folders so that you have everything in one place. This is your choice though, I just found it was easier to move it all to my desktop where it was easily accessible.

Organization is one of the keys to be a successful full-time freelance writer. You can have all the clients in the world but if you aren't organized, then you're going to slip up somewhere and that is going to lose you a client or two.


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