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Original Poems

Updated on August 17, 2011

Poems After The Fact

I've always wanted to be a professional writer. While, I have yet to accomplish that dream in that, I'm not making a living by writing.. yet... I have for about a month now been doing a lot of writing and I have to say that I've been loving it.

A Couple of weeks ago I became aware of just how easy it is to publish E-Books. I have quite a few projects that I've been working on and wondering what to do with and E-Publishing seems to be the way to go with them. I already had a pile of poems that I've written over the years so I picked out about twenty of them and E-Published them just to go through the procedure and see how it works and... I've got to say.. It's easy... fun... and.. if you've got books you want to put out there.. you should. Hail the twenty first century when every person can be a published author.

I can't really say if I'm a good poet or not. Things that I write that tell stories or report information, I think I can be pretty objective about.. but poems are so personal, so emotional.. that you just end up too close to them to be able to guess whether or not other people will enjoy them or know if you're just making a fool of yourself. Still, good or bad, they come easy to me so I've always got plenty laying around which is why I've now got an e-book full of poems out there. Here are some samples:

Feel Morning Lie Storming There

A time of frenetic activity

Loud and frightening

With no way out

What choice but to stand naked in the storm

Rain pouring over you

Light flashing around you

And know that this is your power.

This is your excitement

Sensual Spiritual and Explosive

This next one I wrote after going to the bank and walking out with a little bit of a crush on the customer service lady:


Stone of Blue Upon Her Breast

Blue Business Suit Covers the Rest

Oh to Unwrap Her

Here's one from a tough day at work:

Moving painfully slow through car clogged streets,

Past century old buildings housing stores and restaurants,

Filled with physical pain at the frustration and stress of making my daily bread,

I happened to look up and see the sky,

Vast and infiniteā€¦ filled with continents of clouds split by rays of light that made the clouds Glow with light or dark,

Canyons of water vapor, rivers and sprays and falls of light...

And for all that the dark spots seemed so truly dark.

I knew why ancients called the sky the home of the gods.

Above the blue and white and gray and yellow I knew spun

Untold billions of stars through infinite space bound by

Immutable laws that took eternities of time to fulfill.

And for a moment, I saw how utterly trivial the work-a-day

world is to the rest of the universe.

But.. the light turned green... and my desire for food,

Shelter and some comfort welled up... the pressure

Returned... and even this moment was denied me by

Trivial necessity.

Anyway.... I don't know how many people reading this like poems... and of those I don't know how many have liked these poems... but.. if you like them... there's about seventeen more in my book "Poems After The Fact" at ""


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