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Original Short Fiction: "Miss Fuzzy Bunny’s Party"

Updated on March 16, 2020
Maya Shedd Temple profile image

Short literary fiction is one of my areas of writing interests, so I dabble in composing short stories and flash fiction from time to time.


A Plan to Celebrate

Miss Fuzzy always loved parties. When she lived in Carrot Valley, she planned some of the best parties around. She missed her friends from Carrot Valley, so one morning at breakfast, she said to Jiggery-Jee, her housemate, “Jiggery-Jee, I think I’ll give a party. I do love parties so much, and lately I’ve felt rather lonely for my friends from Carrot Valley.”

“But Carrot Valley is so far away; do you think your friends could come all that distance?” asked Jiggery-Jee.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t expect my Carrot Valley friends to come. But I thought it would be nice to invite some of the farm animals—like Mrs. Rita Hen, Cary the Cock, and Mr. Mike Oinksby. Of course, I will also ask Mr. Cat Fink and his housemate, Mr. Rat Narby,” replied Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m sure it would be nice to have Mr. Cat Fink and Mr. Rat Narby, but Cary the Cock, Mrs. Rita Hen, and Mr. Mike Oinksby don’t get along very well. Mrs. Rita Hen always bickers at Cary the Cock for his strutting and loud crowing. And Cary the Cock makes fun of Mrs. Rita Hen for talking so much. Both Cary the Cock and Mrs. Rita Hen dislike Mr. Mike Oinksby because he wallows in mud,” explained Jiggery-Jee, who had known the farm animals at Farmer Richardson’s farm a long time before Miss Fuzzy Bunny came to Eden Valley.

“But maybe they would behave if they were together at a nice party with good music and dancing and singing and games and delicious food,” said Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“Well, I suppose it is worth a try. If you really feel like having a party, I’ll be glad to help. Just let me know what you want me to do,” said Jiggery-Jee. “I’ll see you later, Miss Fuzzy Bunny. I have to go over to John Mutt’s house. He’s having a terrible time with fleas this year. He could use some friendly conversation.”

“All right, Jiggery-Jee, I’ll begin right away planning my party. And if I need your help, I’ll let you know. I feel that I’m going to have a wonderful day,” Miss Fuzzy Bunny was almost singing. She was so happy thinking about her party.

Planning the Party

Miss Fuzzy Bunny looked around the room and began to plan her decorations for her party. She began moving furniture to see if there was enough room for dancing. Then she planned the games and songs and music. Next she thought about the food she would serve. Finally, she felt she was ready to invite the guests. So she put on her bonnet and off she went.

The first house she stopped at was Mr. Cat Fink’s. She explained that she was having a party on Friday and would like for Mr. Cat Fink and his housemate Mr. Rat Narby to come. But Mr. Cat Fink said he had to go to Cat Nip Village to visit his ailing Aunt Catalina and that Mr. Rat Narby would be making the trip with him. So Miss Fuzzy Bunny said she would have them over to dinner some night next week. Mr. Rat Narby and Mr. Cat Fink both agreed that they would love to come to dinner next week. As Miss Fuzzy Bunny was leaving, she said she hoped Mr. Cat Fink’s aunt would be better soon, and she wished Mr. Cat Fink and Mr. Rat Narby a pleasant trip to Cat Nip Village.

The second place Miss Fuzzy Bunny came to was the Chicken Coop where both Mrs. Rita Hen and Cary to Cock lived. When she walked in, she heard so much chattering, she could hardly hear herself think. Then she spotted Mrs. Rita Hen, who was gabbing with Matty Horn, a neighbor from a nearby farm. When Miss Fuzzy Bunny finally got Mrs. Rita Hen’s attention, she asked her if she would like to come to her party on Friday. Mrs. Rita Hen said she would be delighted to come to Miss Fuzzy Bunny’s party. Mrs. Rita Hen said she loved parties and that she hadn’t been to one since she laid a brown egg. She said her friends all thought she was magic. She continued to talk so much and so fast that Miss Fuzzy Bunny couldn’t understand half of what Mrs. Rita Hen was chattering about. Finally, Miss Fuzzy Bunny was able to say good-bye to Mrs. Rita Hen. Miss Fuzzy Bunny told Mrs. Rita Hen that she was looking forward to seeing her at the party on Friday.

Next, Miss Fuzzy Bunny looked for Cary the Cock. She found him outside strutting along the fence, crowing about how he was always the first cock to wake the farmer and wife every morning. Miss Fuzzy Bunny went up to him and said good morning. Then she told him about the party she was having on Friday, and she asked if he would like to come. He stretched his neck up, shook his comb, and then said he could probably make it. Then he went on strutting and crowing about how farmers in the next valley always say he crows so loud that he is the first cock to wake them every morning.

Miss Fuzzy Bunny said good-bye to Cary the Cock and started down the road. She had one more stop to make before heading home. So she went straight to the biggest mud hole on Richardson Farm where she hoped to find Mr. Mike Oinksby. Sure enough, when she came to the mud hole, there she found Mr. Mike Oinksby wallowing around, thoroughly enjoying the cool, sloppy mud clinging to his skin. Miss Fuzzy Bunny said hello to Mr. Mike Oinksby and explained that she was planning a party on Friday, and she hoped he could come. He rolled over a few times then stood up and shook his wobbly body. Miss Fuzzy Bunny watched as large globs of mud dropped from Mr. Mike Oinksby’s belly and slid from his broad back. He finally said he would like to come to her party, as long as there was lots of grub to pig out on. Miss Fuzzy Bunny assured him that there would be lots of delicious food and that she was so glad he was coming.

Suddenly a Great Clatter

Just then Miss Fuzzy Bunny and Jiggery-Jee heard a great clatter of squawking and bickering in front of their house. They looked out and saw Mrs. Rita Hen, Cary the Cock, and Mr. Mike Oinksby in a heated argument about who would open the gate. Miss Fuzzy Bunny and Jiggery-Jee stood watching and listening. They could hardly believe what they saw and heard.

“I was invited to a gathering in my honor, and I shall be the first to enter through this gate,” boasted Cary the Cock, as he tugged at the hitch trying to open the gate before the others could.

“I was invited here to be honored for laying the biggest and freshest eggs in the valley, and that is more important than anything you could be honored for, you strutting, loud-mouthed fryer,” squawked Mrs. Rita Hen.

“The both of you birds wouldn’t make a good Sunday dinner. Out of my way, this party is being given in my honor for winning the blue ribbon at the fair,” squealed Mr. Mike Oinksby.

“Who would give a party to honor a bucket of lard and a few pork chops like you?” clucked Mr. Rita Hen.

“In a few weeks you’ll be the forgotten dinner of some city family,” grumbled Cary the Cock. “Now, out of my way.”

“No, you don’t, out of my way!” returned Mr. Mike Oinksby stubbornly.

“No, you don’t—the both of you, out of my way!” screamed Mrs. Rita Hen.

Jiggery-Jee looked at Miss Fuzzy Bunny, who looked so downhearted. She could see her beautiful party falling apart at the front gate, before the guests could even come into her beautifully decorated house. “Poor Miss Fuzzy Bunny!” thought Jiggery-Jee. He felt he should do something, but he didn’t know how he could ever make those three bickering animals get along. Suddenly, Miss Fuzzy Bunny started for the door. Jiggery-Jee asked, “Where are you going?”

“Well, it’s my fault they are out there fighting. I guess I’d better see if I can put a stop to it,” said Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

She walked out to the gate, but the shouting was so loud no one even noticed her. She stood there for a moment; then she yelled as loudly as she could: “Please!” She opened the gate and said, “Please, won’t you come in? The party is starting. The food is all ready. Jiggery-Jee is inside and looking forward to seeing all of you.”

“Jiggery-Jee lives here? With you? I thought you were a respectable rabbit! I had no idea you even knew that disgusting Jiggery-Jee!” complained Mrs. Rita Hen, as she turned around and walked off.

“Jiggery-Jee!” said Mr. Mike Oinksby also very surprised. “You think I’ll come to a party where that dumb mutt Jiggery-Jee is, you better think again, Miss!” And with that he turned around a waddled off down the road.

“Jiggery-Jee!” yelled Cary the Cock. “No way I’d ever go anywhere near that sickening dog. You may not bother to invite me to any more of your parties,” and he too turned and was gone.

Miss Fuzzy Bunny could not understand this at all. It seemed that the only thing those three had in common was their dislike for one another and the utter hatred for Jiggery-Jee. But why did they hate Jiggery-Jee so much?

Miss Fuzzy Bunny slowly walked back inside. Jiggery-Jee, noticing that the guests were gone, asked Miss Fuzzy Bunny what had happened.

Anticipating Good Times

Miss Fuzzy Bunny felt so happy. All her plans were set. She was having a party on Friday. There would be dancing and singing and music and food and pleasant talk among good friends. She could see the smiles and hear the laughter of the guests enjoying themselves on Friday.

As the days went by, Miss Fuzzy Bunny cleaned the house and decorated with fresh grasses. She worked long hard hours finding the most beautiful flowers and the most delicious foods. She had never felt so happy or so useful.

Finally, it was Friday and everything was ready. The flowers were lovely. The food smelled wonderful. The music was pleasant. Miss Fuzzy Bunny was all ready for her guests to arrive. But they were a little late, and Miss Fuzzy Bunny was beginning to pace back and forth wondering where they were. Finally, Jiggery-Jee said, “Oh, Miss Fuzzy Bunny, don’t worry; they’ll surely be here if they said they would. I’m just surprised those three agreed to come. They usually try to avoid one another.”

“Oh, I didn’t tell anyone who else I was inviting,” said Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“You mean, Cary the Cock doesn’t know Mrs. Rita Hen and Mr. Mike Oinksby are coming?” asked Jiggery-Jee.

“No, and Mr. Mike Oinksby doesn’t know that Cary the Cock and Mrs. Rita Hen are coming,” admitted Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“And Mrs. Rita Hen doesn’t know that Cary the Cock and Mr. Mike Oinksby are coming,” said Jiggery-Jee, scratching his head and wondering how this would turn out.

“But I didn’t see any reason to tell them—and not one of them asked who else was coming. I thought surely they would enjoy a party and would get along since each one seemed glad to be invited,” explained Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“Well, I don’t know, Miss Fuzzy Bunny; I do hope it goes well—but I just don’t know,” said Jiggery-Jee.

Saying no to Jiggery-Jee

“Jiggery-Jee, I invited them in, and I said that you were inside and that’s when each one turned and left. But before going, each one made a very bad remark about you. Why don’t they like you, Jiggery-Jee?”

“Oh, they have never liked me. When Farmer Richardson brought me here from Apple Ridge, Mrs. Rita Hen accused me of chasing her chicks, but I was chasing Elmer the Fox, who used to steal chicks and eggs from the Chicken Coop. But Mrs. Rita Hen never believed that I was trying to protect her chicks. And she spread all sorts of gossip around the farm. Mr. Mike Oinksby has always been jealous, because the Farmer and wife give me table scraps. Mr. Mike Oinksby is always jealous about food. Afraid if anybody else gets some, he won’t have enough. And Cary the Cock doesn’t like anybody but himself.”

“Oh, Jiggery-Jee, that is so sad—that they can’t get along. Maybe someday they will change. Maybe someday they will understand that it is much nicer to be friends with everybody. Oh, well, you were right, Jiggery-Jee, about inviting them to my party. Now I don’t have a party. But that doesn’t matter at all. Because I shall have a party after all,” said Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“What do you mean, Miss Fuzzy Bunny?” asked Jiggery-Jee.

“I’ll gather a bit of food and some flowers in my basket, and I shall go have a party with the Star Sisters, Mr. Moon, the Bird Family, and a few other dependable friends. Would you care to join us, Jiggery-Jee?” asked Miss Fuzzy Bunny, who was suddenly very happy again.

“It wounds wonderful, Miss Fuzzy Bunny, but I think I will stay home, in case Ragged Muffin drops by. He said he might stop by to show me a new game he learned over in Dog Ear Hollow,” said Jiggery-Jee. “But you go ahead and have a lovely party. I thoroughly approve of your guest list this time.”

It's a Party!

So Miss Fuzzy Bunny gathered up some food, flowers, and a soft blanket and headed out into the twilight to have her party. Already the heavens were bright with her friends, the Star Sisters and Mr. Moon. Very soon Miss Fuzzy Bunny came to a rolling hill where a small stream was flowing among the Tall Tree Brothers.

Miss Fuzzy Bunny spread her blanket over the grass and sat down beside her basket. She looked around and suddenly began to feel so peaceful. She felt warm and happy to be surrounded by so many friends.

“Miss Fuzzy Bunny,” someone said softly. “Miss Fuzzy Bunny, thank you for inviting us to your party.” Miss Fuzzy Bunny looked up and realized it was Mr. Moon talking to her.

“Oh, thank you for coming, Mr. Moon, and thank you for bringing your friends,” answered Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“It is so wonderful of you to think of us,” another soft voice said, or was it several soft voices? Miss Fuzzy Bunny was surprised to hear the Star Sisters thanking her in unison. Their voices were lovely and sparkling. Miss Fuzzy Bunny felt a warm glow to have such beautiful friends.

“Oh, you are all so welcome,” said Miss Fuzzy Bunny. Then she offered them all some food. And as they ate, Miss Fuzzy Bunny started to sing:

Miss Fuzzy Bunny's Song

Songs that you sing
Make me know that I live
Near your heart.

What is the sun
If not your eye?
And what would the stars do without you?

I’m about you
And love being yours

For songs that you sing
Make me know that I live
Near your heart.

What are the trees
If not your arms?
And what would the birds do without you?

I’m about you
And love being yours

For songs that you sing
Make me know that I live
Near your heart.

What is the sea
If not your blood?
And what would the fish do without you?

I’m about you
And love being yours

For songs that you sing
Make me know that I live
Near your heart.

Where is the moon
If not in your heart?
And what would love be without you?

I’m about you
And love being yours

For songs that you sing
Make me know that I live
Near your heart.

As she sang, the Tall Tree Brothers swayed and sang, and the fireflies began to glow in the warmth of the occasion. The whole hillside was a glorious sight of friends enjoying friendship. And the Bird Family added their voices to the harmony.

Soon it was time for Miss Fuzzy Bunny to go home. She had forgotten how long she had been singing. She wondered if she had kept the others up too long.

“Oh, my, I hope I haven’t kept all of you up too long. I was having such a marvelous time with all of you, I’m afraid I lost track of time. Jiggery-Jee will be wondering what happened to me,” said Miss Fuzzy Bunny.

“Don’t worry, Miss Fuzzy Bunny, we all had a wonderful time too, and again we would like to thank you for inviting us to this beautiful party,” said Mr. Moon. And all the others agreed. The Star Sisters told Miss Fuzzy Bunny that they loved her singing and that she would have to come again soon.

The Tall Tree Brothers said they had not enjoyed themselves so much in a century or two. And the Bird Family invited Miss Fuzzy Bunny back soon. As she was leaving, the fireflies followed Miss Fuzzy Bunny to help Mr. Moon light her way home.

Tall Trees


© 2017 Linda Sue Grimes


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