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Review: Other Kingdoms Book

Updated on April 25, 2011

the kingdoms

Richard Matheson, many of you must have heard his name. He is again in the writing horizon with a new book, Other Kingdoms (A Fantasy labelled book). Arthur Black, the narrator begins this book by recalling his memories when he was eighteen. He was a soldier in The Great War. He has a very long history in his life but not to tell.Now, he is telling us after waiting for decades.

Arthur Black used to be as Alex White got himself listed in the soldiers to free his country from his oppressive father. His father was a tyrannic ruler. Alex goes off for the war. Matheson comes and shine through here. This is the main get-up of the novel. They tell about the enlisted men in the World War I and design the book with the light of true occurences.

Alex was supposed to get back to his tyrannic father after he was wounded but he didn't do that, rather he decided to leave English village of Gatford, which was a town of superstitions. The forest there was called “the wee folk” These faeries living there were said to have magical abilities. They could shapelift to any object. They did various actions. Some would llike to play pranks on the human inhabitants.

Alex was warned several times otherwise he would be caught by the faeries, who hated the human throughout their lives....Will he be caught??

To discover the question read the book 'Other Kingdoms'


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