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Other Stars

Updated on March 2, 2017

It is us
Or it was us
Or we will be
Something always in flux
A work of art in progression
No reply
Nothing to share
Like any alien civilization
Living with the techology
And enough time to get here
In reality
It doesn't need
It never needed
Or wanted anything from us

Including our stars
Was ever necessary
And there are plenty of others
Other stars
Other brighter suns
Between here and there
It just takes longer
That's all
There was never
Or there wasn't ever
Or there was life
Or there was none
But possibly
Or probably
There were none
With intelligence
And sustaining
Enough life

Space flight requires
Self generation of power.
A unique type
An evolved being
Living without
Largely alone
Yet with a large potential
Longing to find
Learning to search
Looking to understand
To move enough mass
To encompass a star
Would demonstrate
An intelligence
Enough intelligence
That does not need
To field a star for energy

They got where they are
Everything more
Or anything they perceive
Or could be perceived as a threat
Or worse yet
They eradicate anything
Which has any remote possibility
Of some day being a real threat
Like us
To them
To us or them
Which is why
Probably why we are still here
They had it correct
Or we always were correct

Existing as only
Electromagnetic pulses
A civilization this advanced
Might have seeded every star system
Living within 1,000 light years
Filling the other stars with life
We might have created them
They may have created us
Not so long ago
In only 1,480 years
Assuming lightspeed travel.
More like roughly 3000 light years
If they travel
At true lightspeed
Not theoretical
1480 years out for our signal
1480 years back for their craft.
And 40 years for planning
With no need to try to do lightspeed

The speed of light limits us
To exist on this planet forever
It is only possible
To migrate
Using generational colonies
Colony vessels
Vessels of iniquity
Orbiting other suns
No one will ever survive
It is beyond physics
And human longevity
Whoever leaves
Dies in space
Dies along the way
Their descendents
Are those who arrive
At the other stars

© 2017 Blake Ford Hall


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 3 months ago from Nashville Tn.

      Remarkable poetry. The stars hold such mystery and magic. And we only see a small part inhabiting the heavens.

      Thank you.