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Our Father's fought

Updated on September 29, 2015

Moon Lake

one of my watercolors.
one of my watercolors. | Source

Famous responses

Our Fathers fought for what is right,

They also fought for freedom.

Today we face new evil threats,

That maim and kill with no regrets.

They fight with lies, through hate filled eyes,

Then hide behind their children and wives.

They live to hate and hate to live:

They murder on a massive scale,

And care not if they succeed or fail.

They turn our streets to killing zones,

Now red with blood, and flesh and bone.

With blinded views, and lying tongues,

They even martyr their very young.

A human once, but now a bomb,

They fail to see what is right or wrong.

Afraid of freedom and free speech,

America’s truth defies their reach.

They fight for goals with heartless souls.

Our country must stand and fight, united all by patriotic might.

Around our flag our nation grew,

And inner strength defeats these cowardly few.


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