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Our First Sight - A Compilation of Short Poems

Updated on February 19, 2014

Our First Sight

A candlelit supper past the day,

One comes closer, so we run away,

Far from us now, a wall of stone,

His silent whispers are always alone.

A candlelit supper past the night,

One comes closer, so we run and hide,

Far from us now, the faster we stray,

His silent whispers, have broken the day.

An angel can call out, and save a dark soul,

One comes closer, so be not alone,

Far from the end, just the dawn of a night,

Tomorrows beginning, is our first sight.

Not Just A Stranger

Just a Stranger, Passing through,

Following my path, not with you.

It seems these days, never change,

Just a Stranger, Passing you.

On the street, where we meet,

Just a Stranger, now with you.

As they pass, we cross paths,

Just a Stranger, goes with you.

The days that pass, us together,

Less a stranger, the more we meet.

The world rolls passed, us together,

The world gets stranger, below our feet.

As they pass, we stick together,

Strangers outside, to me and you.

Toward the future, the days seem brighter,

Just two Strangers passing you.


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